Rep. Cori Bush, Who Pushed To Defund Police, Just Had Her Car Shot Up In St. Louis

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Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-MO), one of AOC’s far-left Squad Members, was unharmed when her parked car was hit by gunfire last weekend weekend in the St. Louis area.

Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-MO), one of AOC’s far-left Squad Members, was unharmed when her parked car was hit by gunfire last weekend weekend in the St. Louis area.

Rep. Cori Bush is a Black Lives Matter activist serving as the U.S. representative for Missouri’s 1st congressional district. She also pushed hard to have the police defunded in St. Louis during the Black Lives Matter summer of riots.

I’m touched by everyone who has reached out,” Bush said in a statement. “Like far too many of us in St. Louis, experiencing gun violence is all too familiar. Thankfully no one was harmed. But any act of gun violence shakes your soul. No one should have to fear for their safety here in St. Louis and that is exactly why our movement is working every day to invest in our communities, eradicate the root causes of gun violence, and keep every neighborhood safe.”

She is a big advocate of defunding the police but she spent $70K on her own private security in three months alone in 2021.

While Rep. Cori Bush can afford private security with her big bucks Congressional salary and assorted perks, the rest of you will have to go fend for yourselves as she takes police off the streets.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


      • She will never learn, she will double down on her politics from here forward. She has been trained her entire life to not do whats best for anyone.

        • Yes looking at her I’d say she’s unhealthy, she abuses alcohol and eats badly She’s not very smart, just average, and how she got elected or nominated in the first place is anyone’s guess. She would be easily deceived by people she thought liked her and she wouldn’t know if the did or didn’t actually. Sugar, it’s a narcotic, addictive and it dulls the senses Makes people dumb. And she has consumed tonnes I’d guess.

    • She probably set it up to further taking of guns. A real shooter doesn’t shoot at an empty, parked car. What is the message. Nah, she set this up to get attention, as narcissists do.

  1. a no knock knock joke? WTF giv`um a billion to get your place keyed and let them selfs in and shoot you in the head in ten sec flat much better?BEEN there done that

  2. the corrupt cop/SS has the key smith company cut him a key they do it all the time and no no knock knock your dead and your wife is thier HO HOO now get real as the cops an`t no better than the mob just like the G-man dazes

  3. a no knock with a illegal key cut for the cop frat by the key frat and in ten secs your dead good guy or bad guy white red blue yellow or black all the same HIT by frat been there done that

  4. Revolution you see They couldn’t get the cops on board, most likely because that’s not how they want the scene to play out on histories pages, so they’re just going to give them the flick Then they can bring them back just in time to save the day by killing all the radicals who have butchered all the really rich white people whose stuff they want.

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