Report: Ukraine War Is a ‘New World Order’ Plot to Remove US Dollar as World’s Reserve Currency

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Ukraine-Russia war is a 'New World Order' plot to remove US dollar as world's reserve currency

The Ukraine-Russia war is a carefully orchestrated plot by the ‘New World Order’ to remove the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, according to reports.

This week, nearly every mainstream media publication ran headline such as “The weaponization of finance threatens the future of the dollar standard.”

These mainstream outlets are accurately warning the West’s economic sanctions against Russia will result in the nation becoming much closer to China, a country openly working to make its currency the new world reserve.

RELATED: President Putin Returns the Gold Standard to Russia reports: The Hill explains, “Now, faced with the distinct possibility of the emergence of a China-Russia economic and strategic partnership, we may be entering a new phase that involves a geopolitical contest for global influence across multiple spheres. China has been open about its long-run desire to supplant the U.S. dollar-centric post-WWII global monetary order.”

China and Russia already partnered in 2020 on an initiative meant to reduce each nation’s reliance on the dollar, and recently, China has promoted moving to a digital Yuan.

Using the SWIFT bank system in sanctions against Russia is now further pushing the country towards replacing the dollar with China’s digital yuan payment system, according to Chinese researchers.

In 2019, journalist Ben Swann warned of the SWIFT system being weaponized during an appearance on RT.

Swann also suggested cryptocurrencies could eventually be the way nations like Russia and China get around the SWIFT payment processing system.

Former CFTC Chairman Chris Giancarlo said in an interview last week that extensive use of sanctions could push Russia and China into developing a Central Bank Digital Currency in the near future.

Giancarlo said this would “really move portions of the globe off the dollar-based, Western-banked dominated, account-based system we have today. CBDC is absolutely an effort by many non-aligned countries to move away from the sanction power that exists in our Western-bank dominated SWIFT-based messaging system.”

NY Federal Reserve staffer Zoltan Poszar also recently warned the response to Russia may lead to the end of the dollar’s reign as the reserve currency.

Poszar suggested Russia and China could partner on a gold-backed currency.

On Monday, a Russian government official reportedly told local news outlets the nation is seeking to establish a “one world” digital currency for global trade in response to the sanctions.

U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell was asked earlier this week what would happen to the U.S. economy if Russia and China, possibly Pakistan, choose to no longer use the dollar.

Powell responded by hypothesizing that this would not pose an immediate threat, but said over time an alternative currency could gain traction and “diminish our status as a reserve currency.”

“It’s also possible to have more than one large reserve currency,” he added.

Last year, a division chief for the International Monetary Fund also suggested the world could shift to using two reserve currencies when asked about China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Rather than the Chinese digital currency becoming the new world reserve, the IMF member said, “A world with more than one reserve currency is a more stable world.”

With the Covid-19 crisis now shown to have been the first step in the globalist “Great Reset” agenda championed by the World Economic Forum, the Davos Group and other elitist confabs, many people are wondering what the catalyst of the next phase might be.

While many have theorized major cyberattacks could push the world towards adopting a global currency, specifically a digital one, the Ukraine-Russia conflict could also be the excuse used to ditch the dollar as seen by recent actions.

The war itself could also lead to said cyberattacks.

World Economic Forum founder and author/engineer of “The Great Reset” Klaus Schwab brags his consortium “has built on our long history of public-private cooperation to accelerate necessary and timely conversations for responsible digital currency deployment. It has convened the world’s leading policy-makers, payment providers, banks, civil society organizations and start-ups to identify and address critical gaps in research and policy guidance.”

Meanwhile, Schwab previously boasted that Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with plenty of other world leaders, are former “Young Global Leaders” of the WEF.

Despite Schwab’s claim, there is no proof of Putin or Trudeau being in the “Young Global Leader” program.

However, it is likely that Schwab simply views all leaders who are in on his Great Reset agenda as members of his little club.

Journalist Justin Haskins joined Glenn Beck in January to discuss his theory that the WEF and others plan to roll out an international digital currency after a “coordinated de-linking from major currencies.”

“This is something people in the Great Reset movement ultimately want,” Haskins said. “They’re looking for a way to make this happen. They’re looking for a way to make this happen. They’re running different scenarios for how this could occur.”

A video clip going viral online this week shows kickboxer and podcaster Andrew Tate delivering a profane, yet accurate assessment of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Tate ranted, “Alex Jones said seven months ago said, ‘Russia’s going to invade Ukraine in February. WWIII to distract us.’ Now, are they trying to distract us from the Covid crimes of the last few years? Is it because the international banking system is fucked? Is it because inflation is out of control? Do they need this war for some reason?”

“I am at the point now where I have so little faith in politics that I believe there is somebody above Ukraine and above Putin who has made a call to both of them and said, ‘You’re the good guy, you’re the bad guy. Go,’” he said.

Alex Jones detailed the war being used to trigger major financial changes during his February 28, 2022 transmission.

Jones noted that right as humanity began waking up to the scam of Covid lockdowns, experimental vaccines and the overall globalist agenda, “Boom! This war starts.”

“And what does it do?” he asked. “The war cuts off resources. The war makes people poorer, the big Central banks loan more money, we go more into debt, more toward global bankruptcy and the worldwide universal basic income that once we give up and believe the free market doesn’t work anymore, the corporate fascists can fully take over with the cashless society, universal basic income, global reset.”

After the world, or large portions of it, adopts a digital global currency, citizens will be economically controlled in a Black Mirror-level technocratic dictatorship.

For example, during a recent edition of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, British journalist Maajid Nawaz highlighted a statement from the Bank of England in 2021.

Officials for the UK Central Bank said, “Digital cash could be programmed to be sure it is only spent on essentials or goods which an employer or government deems to be sensible.”

Think about the economic attacks waged against Canadian citizens who supported the recent trucker convoy as a small example of what’s to come.

Whether the war between Ukraine and Russia was planned all along or the elite are simply taking advantage of the situation, the conflict will be used to enact world-changing economic shifts.


  1. Only electric vehicles are going to be allowed to be sold here as new vehicles starting in 8 years timre. The petro dollars not going to be as relevant soon because it will be just diesel for wars and heavy vehicles ships planes, but volume of sales will be massively reduced Course the prices will follow tobacco patterns most likely and the producers will be just as rich with a tenth of the workload. But they want everyone to have to be using crypto because that’s so easy to steal.

    • natural GAS is used by the russian china complex to build all of the things we get from china while america is trying to fake go green they could use GEOHYDRO power worldwide NOW and we all would`nt need any of the 1% lobby selling us one more FAD tech that is DOA even MIT says that GEOHYDRO power is all over the world now also the goberment is selling out for the 1% lobby selling us JUNK TECH

  2. Those were by thoughts beginning a few weeks ago. Losing the world currency is not the worst thing in the world, what is really going to be bad is if they make it a cashless but digital currency. then it is game over ladies and gentlemen. That will be what will happen immediately or shortly after.

    • I think China/Taiwan war will be next and that will further determine alot. Events are still unfolding with no conclusion yet, we’ll see where this goes.Alot of the Ukraine “war” footage has been shown to be from years ago or from video games. At least one company is suing for using their footage without permission and I’ve seen people identify specific video games. I suspect there are several hidden hands behind this, both black hats and white hats.

      • you know the media is lying about the war in Ukraine. When I heard that Putin agreed to a seise fire to let the citizens evacuate, I said to myself, the SAS, MI6, CIA are going to put on Russian uniforms and start murdering the fleeing citizens. You know it brother. this is an opportunity they can’t pass up. Murdering people that can’t shoot back. very satisfying for these low level psychopaths.

          • Sorry, my bad, I know it’s you opinion not actual info- I’m really, really tired these days. Have been caring for my 76 y.o. husband for last 2 weeks after surgery and subsequent out of sepsis and trip to ER etc. All while trying to keep up with events (and being old LOL.) Anyway, I think you’re right on about the psychopaths.

          • Prayers for you and your husband from me too. Since I started keeping the real Sabbath holy, my time management is much better and also good for the health.

      • Taiwan is more complicated. If China makes a move on Taiwan militarily they will have to possibly deal with Japan, Thailand, Philippines. If China gets intel that they won’t make a move, then they will go for it, but if they get wind that Japan, Thailand and Philippines or just Philippines and Japan will assist Taiwan, they won’t do it.
        China may have the equipment and numbers, but historically their military sucks and don’t fight well.
        The Vietnamese tore them about five new azzzholes in the recent war. I think it was in the 80s.
        True the Chinese military has gained a lot of technology and modern weapons, but the quality and general IQ can’t compare to the Japanese, and Taiwanese.
        They still have the scary numbers and are a force to recon with.

        • China&russia don`t need a thing from anyone as they have all the energys metals and slaves to run the world which happened years ago.They can open the pipeline shut the pipe line and wipe everyone out anytime they want like the gas supply chain break we see now.the middle is about tapped our energy producers are on red alert BEFORE the fuel crunch

      • Waiting and seeing where things go? Things are going South constantly and increasingly. How long do you need to wait before you do what’s needed before they totally enslave and then euthanize you; because that’s on the agenda?

        • I HAVE been doing everything I can; you don’t know me but are assuming I’m doing nothing – you would be dead wrong.

          • Unless one is already engaged in or are arming and organizing into guerilla units/armies for the purpose of eradicating totalitarian government–nothing is being done that will make a positive difference for anybody but the miscreants in control.

          • Hint: There is more than one way to skin a cat – and in this instance, we can spread information and TRUTH wherever we go. Again, do not judge me, you have NO idea who I am, what I’m doing or what my background is and if you did know, you would look like an enormous fool for your ignorant assumptions. I’m done with this conversation.

          • Spreading truth is tantamount to doing absolutely nothing. 95-97% of the masses wouldn’t do what’s needed to throw off their chains of slavery even if they knew the truth. It only takes 3-5% of a population to violently eradicate the most powerful enemy, if they are determined enough, as proven by history many many times; which is the ONLY way to successfully deal with totalitarianism.

          • Contrary to popular ‘thought’, the truth never set anybody free. It’s what one does, knowing the truth, that may set them free. If you merely know the truth, when you get out of bed in the morning, you’re still living under totalitarianism. It’s not possible to coexist with totalitarianism. That’s a death sentence. The ONLY way to successfully deal with totalitarianism is to violently and totally eradicate it primarily by guerilla warfare tactics. Anything short of this endeavor is doing absolutely nothing and wasting time, and resources, and instilling false hope.

  3. What is happening in Ukraine, is the same as they did in Syria. Syria was the test model of what they will do nation by nation world wide. America will be surprise attacked and surrender. Every world leader is in on this charade ww3. It is all to create a One world order. Soon to be called “the Order”. No one will do anything without permission from the order. The order is satanists=freemasons, who want to be God. During the world wide blackout/lockdown they will replace the old electrical grid with a new one. It will run the digital currency that will repalce all currencies with the one world digital currency. It will run the chip in your hand. Then it will expand to a chip in your forehead, then on and on until you are their creations=robot slaves, no possiblity of original thought, creative imagination or free will. Totally their creations with them as your God=the order. Ukraine is a test run, second test run after Syria. Sanctions do not matter. The old currencies will be gone nation by nation, when they take each nation they will take the GOLD, the food (Ukraine bread basket of Europe)-the digital currency will be said to be backed by their God. However, God has an alternate plan, for those who stay with God. When the lights go on and WW3 resumes, every person who does not accept the chip in the hand, will be tortured and executed. Only athiests will remain on earth. Armegeddon is coming after the blackout. Zelensky is an actor, all leaders, actors, all puppets doing the will of Freemasonry which is Satanism. Now is the time the sheep and goats will be separated.

    • Plasmid spin robots BIO-human, brain is mapped charted from thermal scanning satelite either nets has been done since slick/hughes brain lab days trillion every ten years from patent royuitys at HHMI stolen from howard hughes and his Kids.Alpha turus remote controled monkeys remote controlled cows so on broadcast waves over power ANY bio matter so no chips are really needed.People with brain damages are their biggest test subjects as their brains sometimes allows them to be out side the subject groups a unknown brain active that is not the norm but the subject is still fuctional is their biggest fear CONTROL groups are in their mathmatical range of study and control

  4. If 3-5% of the determined few of the population(s) organize into guerilla armies, and if they are determined enough, they have an excellent chance of eradicating totalitarian government tyranny, and the government(s) it’self, because history has proven many many times that a determined few, as few as 3-5% of the population, if determined enough, can and has eradicated the most powerful enemy, even in modern times. This must be done if the people want to live in freedom with dignity; otherwise humanity will increasingly be enslaved and euthanized down to approximately five hundred thousand world population from a present population around seven billion, give or take.

    • !% is programming everyone to do that for them as they own all the satellites and media and lobby the goverments and pit everyone at everyone as we see here.I would say abut 2-3 billion slaves but they can`t go nuke it would be more and more deadly virus warfare as we are seeing now and smit shots that don`t help SP/RN from walter REED? for the big shots!

  5. FOOD still runs the world paper and gold are nice when things are cool but when the smit hits the fan FOOD will always rule

  6. Can anyone say what effect, if any, Soros has with either side? I see the effect of Soros’ifcation here in California.
    Just curious.
    And why is it if Ukraine gave up their nuks, regardless of condition of them, I mean… if the countries (US, RUSSIA etc.) were in agreement to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty, and they obviously disregarded that now, why is that not good enough to say Putin on the Global stage is wrong dot period? (Not wanting NATO on his border doesnt seem an appropriate argument, especially when it seems like that’s where he will end up anyway)
    Not looking for angry comments because someone says my inquiries are stupid or I should go read more.

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