Research Finds That Mingling With Vaccinated People Can Make The Jabs Appear Less Effective!

Fact checked

Mingling with people who are vaccinated can give the false impression that the covid jabs are not working, according to researchers in Canada.

No, this is not satire, the world has officially gone mad.

Medscape reports: Some studies have suggested that vaccinated individuals are becoming infected at higher rates than unvaccinated individuals, but these studies are likely to involve statistical errors, particularly if they did not account for different contact patterns among vaccinated vs unvaccinated people, said Korryn Bodner of St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto.

Using computer models to simulate epidemics with a vaccine that protects against infection and transmission, her team identified conditions that could create “a perfect storm for observing negative vaccine effectiveness even when a vaccine was efficacious,” Bodner told Reuters.

For example, effective vaccines could appear ineffective when vaccinated people have more contact with each other than with unvaccinated people, when vaccine benefits become lower but are not absent (as has happened with new SARS-CoV-2 variants), or when effectiveness is measured while an epidemic is growing (such as when a new variant is emerging), according to a report posted on medRxiv ahead of peer review.

The simulations do not prove that this type of bias affected studies of vaccine effectiveness versus the Omicron variant. They show, however, that “even if vaccines work, increased contact among vaccinated persons can lead to the appearance of the vaccine not working,” Bodner said.


    • A few more moves and it will be. Those moves will take a few years yet, BUT GOD will intervene just when the enemy thinks there’s no escape for us humans.

      • This is sortof a rambling post that goes on a variety of subjects so bear with me.

        I had many dreams since 2018 of bizarre things that I think are about future events.

        One such dream was being chased by a bear. I do not live near a forest or anything like that, but I constantly started having nightmares that a bear was chasing me, which I found very odd. I suspected the dream had something to do with Russia, but this was back in 2018, when there was no hint of any confrontation with Russia. The dreams repeated over the years, always the same, running from a bear in the forest.

        On the night of the stolen election I had a dream that the bear had finally cornered me. I held up a torch trying to scare it off, but to no avail. The bear looked like some sort of demonic creature. Very frightening and very evil. The bear started attacking me with its razor sharp claws.

        The reason I bring these dreams up is that I noticed many Christians in early 2020 posting videos on youtube, dreaming of Russian warplanes bombing the country. A Christian woman dreamt that she was chased in the woods by Russian soldiers. She said Obama became head of the UN after the USA was attacked by Russia and the Presidency was abolished.

        If you read the Book of Revelation it says that people will be forced to worship the image of a beast. RIGHT NOW there is a statue of a beast outside the UN building.

        The Bible also says that the dragon gives the beast his authority. I believe this person to be George Soros. I had a dream earlier this year where I saw Our Lord Jesus Christ in the sky. I suddenly saw George Soros wearing royal garments like a 16th century King. He was wearing a crown, a gold staff and robes. I knew this man as evil.

        I am sorry if I am rambling here, but the Bible says that God will pour out his Spirit and people will have visions and dream dreams.

        Another dream I had was that Barack Obama was in Israel. It was telecast on CNN. He lifted his right arm to the sky and fire came from the clouds. The world was in awe. The Bible says that satan will do this among other great signs. The Bible says the world will be filled with wonder and worship the beast. The Bible says the dragon gives the beast his authority. (George Soros I believe is the dragon.)

        I believe Barack Obama is the beast. Obama during his Presidency was loved and adored by hollywood and the media. He was treated like a perfect man, a humanitarian and a rockstar. (even though he was a murderer, killing people with drone strikes and perverting the USA with same sex marriage laws)

        I believe Obama will come to power again via the UN. The world will love him because (this is merely my speculation, I could be wrong) he will fix the economic crisis (the democrats are purposefully killing the dollar right now, so they can have the global currency. It’s only a matter of time before it crashes. Gas prices and food will continue to go up and up until the stock market hits the wall) That is what world war 3 is all about. killing the economy. There will be no 2024 election or midterms.

        Elon Musk will create the mark of the beast (look up Shalom Girl’s videos on youtube. She babysat Musk in the 70’s. Elon means god in the Bible. Mae Musk is a witch who wanted her son to be called god.) and Barack Obama will enforce it worldwide. I personally believe the world will love Obama because he will be seen as the Savior of the world’s economy. This is all SPECULATION of course, and the Book to Revelation in the Bible is the answer to how the end times will happen, but this is merely my understnading given current events and testimonies from various Christians around the world.

        George Soros I believe is the dragon.
        Barack Obama is the beast with the deadly head wound that is healed (the deadly head wound not meaning a literal wound, but merely meaning that Obama lost his authority, having completed his two terms in office, but rising to power again as the head of the UN. That wound is healed when he assumes power once more)

        The image of the beast is the one world government gaining power. It is the new world order that the elites have fantasized for decades and finally coming to fruition.

        The food shortages are set in place by the elites to make you desperate and comply by taking the mark. The mark may be the nerulink chip Musk is working on, or a vaccine ID. I don’t think the vaccine is the mark, rather it might be a permanent form of VERIFICATION that you have been vaccinated. (I still believe vaccinated people have a chance at Salvation.)

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