Rob Reiner: Democrats Must Convict Trump to ‘Win Our Civil War Against MAGA’

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Rob Reiner says Democrats must convict Trump to win civil war against MAGA

Far-left Hollywood director Rob Reiner has warned that Democrats must convict President Trump as part of “our continuing Civil War” against MAGA.

“Our original sin is at the the root of our continuing Civil War. Donald Trump, the new leader of the Confederacy, heads the Sedition,” Reiner tweeted.

“If he is not held accountable with a Senate conviction, there will be no Appomattox,” the site of Robert E. Lee’s surrender to Ulysses S. Grant in 1865. reports: This is not Reiner’s first time trying to pressure lawmakers into impeaching Trump. Earlier this month, the actor claimed that any member of Congress who does not oust the president during his remaining days in office will be supporting sedition, which is a federal crime.

“Any members of Congress that doesn’t support Impeachment and Removal of this President supports Sedition,” tweeted Reiner two days after the Capitol Hill riot.

Last month, the actor ignored Joe Biden’s call to “heal America” and unite a divided nation by declaring that the very survival of American democracy depends on whether members of Trump’s family and administration face criminal prosecution.

In September, Reiner insisted that law enforcement will apprehend then-President Trump after election day, stating, “in 42 days we will arrest the killer.”

“Donald Trump has essentially shot and killed 100s of thousands Americans on 5th Ave, continues to do it every day, and he’s right, his cult doesn’t care,” tweeted Reiner. “But the rest of US do. In 42 days we will arrest the killer.”

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