Is Rod Rosenstein The Most Corrupt Official In US History?

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Rod Rosenstein deemed most corrupt official in US history

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein must be deemed as one of the most conflicted and corrupt officials in US history.

Rosenstein signed off on the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, recommending Comey be fired, and seriously discussed wiring himself in order to frame President Trump. reports: Yet, in spite of these, he is the creator, overseer, witness, prosecutor and judge of the Mueller investigation.

Gregg Jarrett laid out this case in an overnight op-ed with FOX News. In his piece Jarrett brilliantly lays to waste the current actions of corrupt DAG Rod Rosenstein –

I argued in a column two weeks ago that Rosenstein’s reported plot to overthrow the president was the equivalent of a coup attempt and should not go unpunished. Now there is even more incriminating evidence coming from Baker, McCabe, and Page that Rosenstein sought to overturn the decision of the American people to elect Donald Trump as our president.

President Trump may feel that firing his deputy attorney general just weeks before the midterm elections would be politically imprudent or unwise.

But Attorney General Sessions has both a moral and legal duty under federal regulations (28 U.S.C. 528) to direct Rosenstein to step aside from overseeing the Mueller investigation.

Sessions’ failure to remove Rosenstein as supervisor of the Mueller probe undermines the rule of law. Americans can have little faith or confidence in the fairness of the special counsel’s investigation if Rosenstein – the man who oversees it – stands credibly accused of harboring a severe bias against President Trump.

Moreover, Rosenstein has a conflict of interest so acute that no sincere debate could be waged on whether he should have recused himself at the outset. As explained in Chapter 11 of my book, “The Russia Hoax,” ethical rules demand Rosenstein’s disqualification.

Rosenstein volunteered to author the memo recommending that Comey be terminated as FBI director. Since the firing is part of Mueller’s inquiry into potential obstruction of justice, Rosenstein is a witness in a key matter under investigation – and could potentially be charged with a crime by Mueller if he gave any testimony that was false or misleading.

Indeed, Mueller or his deputies interviewed Rosenstein last year. How can a pivotal witness in a case continue to play an instrumental role in an investigation over which he presides – the outcome of which is likely dependent on his own testimony?

How can Rosenstein sit in judgment on whether action should be taken by Mueller not just against President Trump, but possibly even against Rosenstein himself?

It is fundamentally wrong and unethical for Rosenstein to supervise a case in which he is a chief witness and to simultaneously judge whether a prosecution should be brought. That is tantamount to a prosecutor putting his boss or himself on the witness stand to testify in the very case he is prosecuting.

No one can be an investigator, witness, prosecutor and judge all rolled into one. Rosenstein plays each of these roles in a single case.

This is not the way the American system of justice is supposed to work.

The Mueller investigation is illegal and unconstitutional on at least 10 counts.  It is flawed in so many ways but the conflicts of interest that Rosenstein, Mueller and his gang possess, are perhaps the most glaring legal implications.  These phonies have no business running an investigation on President Trump but it does not stop them.  They’ve worked for the Hillary Foundation, given thousands in donations to Obama and Hillary, and are all related to the investigation that they are charged with investigating.

America has never seen such an illegal operation as the Mueller witch hunt and the number one perpetrator of conflicts and abuse is the man who set it up, Rod Rosenstein.

Gregg Jarrett was on the Hannity Show yesterday and he discussed the Mueller investigation and Rod Rosenstein’s corrupt actions related to this illegal scheme to frame President Trump –

Rosenstein has (had) an obligation to recuse himself from the Mueller witch hunt.  AG Sessions has the duty to remove Rosenstein but Sessions will not do his job.  President Trump will have to step in and remove both to save the republic.

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