Rules for Thee, but Not for Me! Biden Caught Violating Store’s Mask Policy

Fact checked
Biden violates store's mask policy

President Joe Biden was spotted on Saturday inside a store without wearing a mask – a blatant violation of the store’s policy.

Biden was seen inside Murray’s Toggery Shop in Nantucket Saturday with his mask hanging loosely around his neck and not covering his mouth despite a visible sign outside the door instructing customers to wear a mask.

According to reporters at the scene, Biden walked out of the shop at 4:45 p.m. with his mask down and drinking a milkshake. reports: The president ignored a question on what more needs to be done to stop the rising omicron variant as he walked down the street to another store. 

If the pandemic really is as bad as the White House says it is, why isn’t the president wearing a mask?


  1. Same reason Pelosi only ever used one of her designer silk scarves to make a makeshift mask whenever her handlers told her “danger danger Will Robinson” media hounds ahead.

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