Russian Air Strike Footage On ISIL Passed Off As American By US Media

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The Russians bomb ISIS fuel facilities and gave us a video; the US says it hit oil facilities too. The evidence?...the Russian video!


The U.S. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) showed footage claiming U.S. air strikes against ISIL targets, however the videos actually show Russian airstrikes.

No evidence of the supposed U.S. air strikes on convoys of oil tankers belonging to the so called Islamic State have become available. The misinformation on the PBS NewsHour was revealed by an Information Clearing House article.

The U.S. lie of having attacked convoys of ISIL oil tanker trucks was given credence by a New York Times article on Monday. The U.S. Air Force has not provided any video evidence for their alleged anti-ISIL operation. The U.S. had failed to attack Islamic State’s lifeblood of oil smuggling so far, and had put it down to not wanting to hurt the populace who depend on it under ISIL controlled territory. It seems that even now that they are claiming to have started bombing ISIL’s main source of income following the Paris attacks, that in fact it could be a lie, if the phony footage is anything to go by.

Sputnik reports:

Earlier this week, the US government said it would intensify anti-ISIL airstrikes and bomb the terrorist organization’s oil infrastructure, which is ISIL’s primary source of income.

After that, on November 16, the US military said it destroyed 116 trucks carrying illegal oil in ISIL-controlled territories.

“On Monday, 295 trucks were in the area, and more than a third of them were destroyed, United States officials said. The A-10s dropped two dozen 500-pound bombs and conducted strafing runs with 30-millimeter Gatling guns. The AC-130s attacked with 30-millimeter Gatling guns and 105-millimeter cannons,” the New York Times colorfully described the US military operation that allegedly took place on November 16.ISIL

Well, it sure sounded like a major anti-ISIL operation in the wake of the Paris attacks. But so far, these are just claims, not backed by any evidence.

Two days later, on November 18, the Russian Air Force destroyed 500 oil trucks that had been illegally transporting oil from ISIS-controlled territories.

Unlike the US Air Force, which didn’t provide any video evidence from their alleged operation, the Russian Defense Ministry promptly released videos of what exactly happened to terrorists and how the operation unfolded.

Минобороны России YouTube video:

On November 19, PBS NewsHour ran a program on ISIL and “showed” how their oil trucks were destroyed by US airstrikes.
It’s all fine and dandy, but the US public broadcaster used the footage of Russian airstrikes, passing them off as US airstrikes, without revealing the true source.

“For the first time the US is attacking oil delivery trucks,” the voice-over said between 2:30 — 2:35, while showing a clip of exactly the same video published by the Russian Defense Ministry the day before.

The PBS program neither mentioned the Russian military operation nor revealed the source of the footage.

What the US channel did was just outright lying, because millions of viewers would certainly think the video footage showing the explosions of oil trucks was from US airstrikes about which the New York Times ran an article on Monday.


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