School Covid Vaccine Mandate Is ‘On The Table’ Says California Gov. Newsom

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California gov Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom said on Tuesday that a potential statewide covid vaccine mandate was “on the table” for students aged 12 years and older

Newsom said his office wass discussing it with school districts across the state. 

He told reporters : “There are issues that we are working through that are unique and distinctive by region. And so we’re in that process of adjudicating the larger consideration, as we said it’s on the table, but no announcement to make today.” 

Fox News reports: Newsom issued an executive order last month requiring teachers to get vaccinated or take regular coronavirus tests along with a statewide mask order for students and teachers. 

California mandates several vaccines for students, including for diphtheria, chickenpox, mumps, measles and rubella and hepatitis B. 

California Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghalysaid in a statement the state is watching how the Los Angeles Unified School District’s vaccine mandate for students 12 and older rolls out and “understanding what it means for students and families alike, staff as well, and watching as other counties consider the same.”

The Oakland Unified School District has also voted for a mandate for children 12 and older, the Bee reported. 

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