Schools To Administer Dangerous HPV Vaccine Without Parental Consent

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Many parents have been refusing the controversial HPV vaccine for their daughters…and for good reason…but in the near future schools will no longer seek parental permission before administering the controversial jab.

Parents in Finland had previously been asked to give their consent before the human papillomavirus vaccine could be administered to their daughters by school nurses. But this is about to change.

Schools are now set to go ahead with the dangerous vaccinations without parental consent, with other countries due to follow in their footsteps.

Finland and the UK are also introducing the HPV jab for boys now as well as girls.

Yle reports:  Tuija Leino, who heads the National Institute for Health and Welfare THL’s immunisation unit, says permission was sought as parents were not aware that the HPV vaccine had been introduced to the national immunisation programme. But now that people know about it, permission is no longer needed, she explains.

Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare says about half of 11-12-year-old girls eligible for the vaccination received it in the past 5 years that it has been available as part of the national immunisation programme.

Parents worry vaccine promotes teen promiscuity

Regional differences in vaccine adoption are stark. In Finland’s urban centres, the HPV immunisation rate is between 70 and 80 percent, and in some places it reaches as high as 90 percent.

”But there are also communities where half of girls aren’t inoculated,” says Leino.

The THL says asking for permission has given parents pause for thought, leading some to opt out.

Leino says parents may feel their daughters won’t need the vaccine—although three-quarters of women contract the virus at some point in their lives and cervical cancer remains the third-most common form of cancer in Finland.

“One would imagine that people would would embrace a cancer prevention vaccine, but that hasn’t been the case,” Leino says.

Anti-vaxxer sentiment

Meanwhile Marianne Junes, a nurse working in Tornio, a northern border town, says some parents get caught up in anti-vaccine conspiracies online while others envision their daughters not being sexually active.

”The HPV vaccine is suffering from the wrong image,” Junes explains.

Tea Taskila, a physician at the Tornio public health centre, is in agreement and says the medical community is frustrated by false beliefs surrounding the vaccine.

”I’ve been around before the vaccine existed and treated various stages of cervical cancer. Back then we were praying for relief, but now that the vaccine is available, it seems as if people don’t care,” she says.


  1. If the pharmaceutical companies and the schools assumed FULL legal liability for their product, few would be skeptical about injections.

    • Not me; I dont care what they tell me, these vax are NOT safe. They have mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde in them, it’s on the package inserts. Ask your doctor for one. It also used to be on CDC site, dont know if it still is. ANd no child under age 5 or 6 should ever be vaxxed, their immune system isn’t developed enough to handle them. CDC has numerous ties to vaccine makers and holds patents on vaccines – conflict of interest?

      • NO living creature should ever be vaccinated. They are bio weapons designed to destroy health, life, intelligence, immune system and damage/alter DNA. They are NOT safe, harmless or good for anyone. ALL vaccines cause brain inflammation, immune system suppression/dysfunction, DNA damage/alteration, chronic inflammation/disease and other harms. They do NOT give immunity either. Learn the truth about these eugenics poisons, not the lies from the nazi-nwo satanists who own/run pharma.

    • They may go into early menopause/be disabled or die. They are not protected from all viruses that may affect people.

  2. Guess whose sister runs the vaccinations dept of the CDC…………………….ROD ROSENSTEIN’S !!!

    • THANK YOU! This is huge news, it needs to be spread. These people in power seem to all be connected to each other via marriage and/or family ties.

      • Think of the “gifts” she has received from BIG PHARMA………..imagine the possibilities.

      • What we need is a version of Ancestry to determine who is related to whom in the swamp……….blood and by marriage.

  3. cause they want the kids all working the streets as sex workers as soon as they can walk and dont want to catch any nasty surprises .Its why the make sure the cities are full of drugs so the kids will have ” motivations”?

  4. if it is so safe, why not allow it to continue to be optional. seems there’s a reason to make it mandatory?

  5. HPV vaccines may make women sterile..go into early menopause/some die/some are disabled. School want to be responsible for health destroyed by this vaccine or other vaccines?

  6. This is against the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Anyone doing this can be sued and imprisoned. Vaccines are biological weapons – poisons disguised as “health care.” There is NO safe or harmless vaccine and NO study proving vaccine safety. Most vaccines are only “tested” for 30 days after the person/animal has been injected – total falsehood in everything the satanic NWO does.

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