Secret Evidence In Litvinenko Inquiry Concludes ‘Putin Did It’

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Litvinenko’s death was more likely due to the fact that he was engaged in the smuggling of nuclear materials and accidentally poisoned himself


Based on secret evidence, a British inquiry, under orders from Washington, has decided that the death of Alexander Litvinenko ten years ago, was “probably” ordered by the Russian President Vladamir Putin.

The Russian Foreign Ministry have dismissed the British report and blames London for politicizing the “purely criminal” case of Litvinenko’s death.

There are also indications that Litvinenko was engaged in the smuggling of nuclear materials.  As Antiwar notes: That he wound up being contaminated by the goods he was peddling on the black market seems far more credible than the cock-and-bull story about a vast Russian plot originating in the Kremlin

Dr Paul Craig Roberts reports:

There is no motive whatsoever for Putin to have been concerned with the dead spy, Litvinenko. He was of no consequence or threat to Russia.

Probably, Litvinenko’s death was due to the fact that he was engaged in the smuggling of nuclear materials and accidently poisoned himself.

What these unsubstantiated attacks on the President of Russia are doing is elevating Russia. The non Anglo-Zionist world, which is the largest part of humanity, has lost confidence in the veracity of the West. The Western media, a collection of prostitutes, is in such lock-step mindless compliance with the anti-Russian agenda that the most implausible accusations against President Putin are reported as if they were proven fact.

Western news organizations, such as the BBC and the New York Times, once respected news organizations, are now widely regarded as government propaganda organizations that lie for their living.

Here is the report of a person who used to believe the lie until he looked into the case.

As I wrote recently, all they do is to lie to us. Lies are the West’s principle weapon. As the lies wear out, the West is exposed as a liar that never can be believed about anything.

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