SEDITION: Rep Ilhan Omar Demands “Overthrow” of “Dicator” Trump

Fact checked
Rep Ilhan Omar demands Trump is ousted from White House

Radical Rep. Ilhan Omar has called for the ‘inevitable overthrow’ of the Democratically elected President of the United States.

In a tweet sent to tens of thousands of Americans, the Democratic newbie gleefully welcomed ousting ‘dictator Trump’ from the White House. reports: Do you even recognize America anymore?

Rep. Ilhan Omar: I believe that impeachment is inevitable. It also is a terrifying notion. Nations struggle any time they overthrow a dictator, and Trump really has the markings of a dictator.

Note, Mueller’s report isn’t even in yet, and Cohen gave no smoking gun on collusion. But impeachment is inevitable.

The DC elites hope and pray impeachment is inevitable. Democrats in the House will impeach and establishment GOP Senate will remove. It’s been baked in since Trump won. It’s just refreshing to hear Omar speak so honestly about Democrat intentions.


  1. She’s a traitor an does not deserve to be in our government anywhere after vowing to raise her son as a jihadist!

    We have not only let the enemy in, we are giving them control!!


  2. One of the problems with trump is aside from the harm he’s doing to our country, his supporters don’t seem to care or see it.. I came across an article that was talking about nostradomus had predicted a man that fit to a tee, that he’d be the anti Christ. Connect the dots people

    • Hey #2…just wondering what harm you think POTUS Trump has done to our country? Factually, under his watch, our GDP has risen to 4.2% and continues to rise. Black and Latino unemployment has fallen to numbers never before seen. Employment itself is at a 50 year high. United states citizens are keeping more money in their pockets every week. There have been, in excess, of 2 million jobs created. We are out of the TPP. We are out of the Paris Accord. Our involvement with the U.N. has been made to be more equal in funding. Our military is being revived and rebuilt. We are trying to secure our borders. We are now in active negotiations with North Korea, something that no President has attempted in 60 years. All these points, and more, are factual. So, I ask you,what harm?

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