Spaniard Dies Trying To Dodge Charging Bull At Fiesta

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A Spanish bullfighter confronting a charging bull with nothing but his bare hands slipped during a show in northern Spain and was gored to death by the animal.

Recortador Juan Carlos Otero, 34, known as “El Gallo” slipped during a performance in La Parrilla, northern Spain.

The raging bull pierced Otero through the heart during the Spanish festival. The dare devil bull dodger later died in hospital

The Independent reports:

Juan Carlos Otero, 34, a blacksmith from Segovia in Spain, was participating in a ‘recortador’ or bull dodging fiesta in the town of La Parrilla.

During a complex manoeuvre to evade the bull, Otero lost his footing while attempting the traditional technique of ‘arcing’ and was gored through the thigh and chest by the animal’s horns.

He died on the way to hospital and the festivities in La Parrilla were suspended, and two days of mourning declared in the region with flags at half mast, according to the Local.

Otero was known by the nickname “The Rooster” and was praised by his hometown’s mayor Pablo Torrego as “a beloved son of the town” for his exploits in the ring.

He won several trophies for his bull dodging and was something of a celebrity in his region.

La Parilla’s mayoress Esperanza Toquero said Otero had done the ‘arcing’ technique hundreds of times before and was simply unlucky to have slipped.

Family and friends later posted a video of his bull dodging exploits on Youtube as a tribute.

Last year 13 people were fatally gored during taurine festivals.

Anti bull-running campaigners have used the incident to highlight the dangerous and cruel nature of interacting with bulls for leisure.

Last June a matador suffered painful injuries to his groin after his bullfighting display went wrong in front of thousands of spectators in Madrid.

Juan Carlos Otero
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