‘Spunky Grandma’: CNN Praises Pro-Abortion Pelosi For Dedicating Life to ‘Helping Children’

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CNN hosts swooned over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) following her announcement that she will not seek reelected to House Democratic leadership, describing her as a “spunky grandma” whose retirement is akin to a “great performer on the stage or great athlete” walking away.

Despite Pelosi’s radically pro-abortion stance, CNN had the gall to insist she’s dedicated her “career” to “helping children.” That is, the ones she’s allowing to live, of course.

The gushing coverage suggests new CNN CEO Christ Licht’s plan to relaunch the network as an impartial news outlet has some way to go.

CNN correspondent (and almost CNN+ host) Audie Cornish gushed that “she’s already in the National Women’s Hall of Fame at Seneca Falls” and thus she herself has been a “history book” that’s “already written.”

Newsbusters report: Cornish also touted her supposedly devout religious views and thus served as a “counterbalance” to what Republicans point out about Democrats having an aversion to faith:

I mean, her leading the prayer to me is a significant moment. She’s always put her faith at the forefront even when her detractors were kind of saying that’s not something Democrats would do. I think she’s always been a counterbalance to the strongest talking points from the Republican side.

Inside Politics host John King threw more fuel on the fire, conceding “[m]any of you probably disgusted with politics,” but then chastising them to perk up and respect Pelosi because “she loves the institution” and “[t]hat’s why the insurrection day was so painful to her.”

Moments before her speech, King even compared her to a top-flight actress or athlete hanging it up:

[T]his is like watching, you know, a great performer on the stage or a great athlete making a big decision about the next chapter. And again, for all the people out there who are disgusted by politics, who don’t like politics, there are a lot of great public servants in that building, Democrats and Republicans, who love the institution. 

After the speech, King marveled at the devout foot soldiers coming to greet Pelosi as “a remarkable scene” and proof of the diversity of the Democratic Party right before your eyes.”

King had more eyebrow-raising moments as he argued “the connective tissue in her career is children and China in the sense that she has always pushed programs to help children, whether education programs, health programs” (minus the whole abortion thing)as well as being “a fierce critic of China.”

Cornish stepped in moments later and not content with that. Instead he boasted she’s more than “a spunky grandma,” but someone who “was there for the most consequential moments of the last 15 years legislatively.” Obviously, King seconded her on the “spunky grandmother” line.

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