Stand-Up Comedian Raises Questions About “Suspicious Deaths Around The Clintons”

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Dave Smith

Dave Smith, an American stand-up comedian and political commentator, has addressed a topic that is not usually talked about….that is the untimely deaths of numerous individuals closely associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Last week Patrick Bet-David hosted his 288th episode of the PBD Podcast. Along with Dave Smith other guests included entrepreneur Adam Sosnick, former professional athlete Ricky Aguilar, and financial coach Matt Sapaula.

TGP reports: The discussions were varied and insightful, but Dave Smith’s controversial remarks on ‘suspicious deaths around the Clintons,’ also known as the ‘Clinton body count,’ really made the headline.

Smith, a libertarian, questioned the ostracization experienced by those who inquire about the numerous people closely associated with the Clintons who have died under uncertain circumstances.

“A ridiculous amount of people, very close to the Clintons, have died. And, like, what? You’re just not allowed to bring it up?” said Smith.

He didn’t imply the Clintons were ‘responsible’ for these deaths but underscored the need for an open conversation on the topic.

“You didn’t say the Clintons have murdered these people. You went, ‘Hey, what’s up with this?’ And just like, the moral, like condescending to you, as if this was some outrageous offense.”

“We’re not allowed to even think of the possibility that maybe politicians have people murdered? Like, now, who’s being naive?” Smith added.

Smith further illustrated his point by drawing an analogy to actions taken during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

“These people, the Clintons, these are people who we all know have had people murdered in mass numbers. We just call that foreign policy.”

“We just call that when they decide we’re going to go on a bombing campaign in Iraq, as Bill Clinton did throughout both of his terms, had a massive blockade around Iraq where the UN estimated 500,000 children starved to death,” said Smith.

Smith insinuated that if someone could be responsible for such a policy, it wouldn’t be a significant stretch to believe that they might also condone individual assassinations.

Smith urged listeners to investigate the suspicious deaths surrounding the Clintons, cautioning against becoming overly conspiratorial but insisting that questioning these cases was completely fair.

Via Chief Nerd:

Smith also talked on former congressman Anthony Weiner’s meltdown during his recent appearance on the PBD podcast, where he was confronted by Patrick Bet-David with a list of dead people who had previously been associated with the Clintons.

You can watch the entire podcast below:

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