‘State of Emergency’ Will Stay in Place Says Trudeau

Fact checked

Even though the Freedom Convoy protest has effectively ended, thanks to the brutality of authorities in Ottawa, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has declared that the ‘State of Emergency’ will remain in place.

Trudeau made the annoucement earlier today during a speech following a weekend of violence and police brutality directed against the protesters.

“Even though the blockades are lifted across border openings… the state of emergency is not over,” he said.


Summit News reports: The PM is refusing to relinquish the draconian powers he assigned to himself presumably over fears that demonstrations will pop up once again.

This completely goes against what Trudeau promised last week, when he stated that the powers would “be time-limited, geographically-targeted, as well as reasonable and proportionate to the threats they are meant to address.”

Trudeau went on to justify the extension of powers by citing issues with “misinformation” and “foreign funding,” once again invoking the ludicrous and baseless claim that Russian agents helped to incite and bankroll the protests.


  1. You can not remove tyranny by voting nor peaceful protest. it just is not going to happen. You know what you need to do, do you have the stomach for it?

  2. Following the INTERNATIONAL COMMON Law Courts sentencing of Justin and Mary the gg to life in prison for crimes against humanity on Jan 15 just look around you to see which news outlets are presenting any of the evidence from the trial to see whose really who in the free speech media zoo. Observe the frauds an d deceivers at work.

  3. Dicatators never reliquish power willingly. From what I understand, Canadian Prime Minister has no term limit, this asshat could be dictator for decades.

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