Study: Weekend Lie-Ins Can Increase Risk Of Heart Attacks, Obesity & Strokes

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Having a lie in at the weekend may be bad for your health, according to a major new study.

Yes really….

New research has now found that having different sleep patterns from weekdays to weekends can increase gut bacteria linked with obesity, heart attacks and strokes..

But don’t worry, there are other studies that suggest lie-ins may actually be beneficial…

The Mail Online reports: Just an extra 90 minutes in bed is enough to disrupt our internal body clock, affecting a range of functions from our immune to digestive systems, scientists believe.

King’s College London‘s ZOE Predict study found that even a small change to the time we wake up can have an impact on our biological rhythm.

In the largest ongoing nutritional project of its kind, ZOE Predict assessed 934 ‘mainly lean and healthy’ people who got at least seven hours sleep per night.

The investigation took a range of samples including blood, stool and gut microbiome samples and glucose measurements and compared them between those that had regular and irregular sleep patterns.

Kate Bermingham of KCL said: ‘Sleep is a key pillar of health, and this research is particularly timely given the growing interest in circadian rhythms and the gut microbiome.

‘Even a 90-minute difference in the mid-point of sleep can encourage microbiota species which have unfavourable associations with your health.’

A weekend lie-in, taken in contrast to a regular weekday alarm call, was linked with poor diet quality, obesity, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular risks, the study concluded.

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