Suicided Charlie Hebdo Cop About To Expose Crisis Actors Before His Death

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Very little information exists on Officer Fredou, the French police officer initially in charge of the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks. The mainstream coverage of the suspicious suicide was minimal. Only alternative media outlets such as ours reported on it.

Prior to his death he had been working on a report which has not been released. The report involved Fredou talking with Jeanette Bougrab. Jeanette is a militant member of the UMP, a far right organization, and girlfriend of the murdered director of Charlie Hebdo, Stephane Charbonnier “Charb”. reports:

Despite appearing as the grieving widow of Charb, Bougrap appears to have very tenuous links with the Charlie Hebdo director. In her 2013 autobiography she even talks about the possibility of assassination of Charb…”He is under constant police guard, after threats from Islamist extremists. Perhaps the same fate as Theo Van Gogh awaits him, to be shot in the street by some religious fanatic”.

Bougrab has always had far right links in France. She is known for her anti Muslim stance.

In 2013 Panamza dedicated an entire article to her affiliation with anti Muslim, racist, Zionist organizations.

In the autumn of 2014 she achieved notoriety due to her close friendship with Patrick Buisson, a known far right ex journalist, who unwittingly recorded Sarkozy and was represented in court by a close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu.

It must also be noted that the first person to come out in defense of Bougrab’s claims of a relationship with Charbonnier, is Caroline Fourest.

In fact Bougrab’s two most staunch supporters are both known Zionist and far right supporters: Caroline Fourest and Richard Malka (Charlie Hebdo’s lawyer)

Finally we must bear in mind that nobody from the Government in France has issued a single statement regarding the death of Fredou, not even condolences to the family.

From 2012 – 2012 Fredou was Cherbourg Police Commissioner, during which time the deputy mayor of a neighbouring town was none other than current Interior Minister and well know pro Israeli, Bernard Cazeneuve.

No wonder there’s a media Blackout on Fredou’s death – he was interviewing Jeannette Boucrap who some people call a ‘crisis actor’

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