Supreme Court Rules Foreign Soros-Backed Operatives Have NO RIGHTS Under US Constitution

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The Supreme Court ruled against George Soros' Alliance for Open Society International on Monday, stating that foreign Soros-backed operatives do not have First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution.

The Supreme Court ruled against George Soros’ Alliance for Open Society International on Monday, stating that foreign Soros-backed operatives do not have First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution.

The Alliance for Open Society International hoped to receive federal funds earmarked to stop HIV/AIDS throughout the world. However, the Soros operatives hit a snag due to an act of Congress banning any organization that supports prostitution from taking these funds.

The pro-prostitution leftist group attempted to sue to get around that act of Congress, but were rebuked by the conservative majority.

Brett Kavanaugh wrote the majority opinion for the case.

In sum, plaintiffs’ foreign affiliates are foreign organizations, and foreign organizations operating abroad possess no rights under the U. S. Constitution,” Kavanaugh wrote.

We appreciate that plaintiffs would prefer to affiliate with foreign organizations that do not oppose prostitution,” Kavanaugh continued. “But Congress required foreign organizations to oppose prostitution in return for American funding. And plaintiffs cannot export their own First Amendment rights to shield foreign organizations from Congress’s funding conditions.”

Those foreign organizations are legally separate from the American organizations. And because foreign organizations operating abroad do not possess constitutional rights, those foreign organizations do not have a First Amendment right to disregard the Policy Requirement,” he continued.

In the case of Agency for International Development v. Alliance for Open Society International, Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, and John Roberts ruled against 1st Amendment right for the Soros front. Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissented against the majority while Justice Elena Kagan did not take part in the case.

Justice Thomas wrote a concurrence to Kavanaugh’s opinion in favor of the ruling as well. He went even further than Kavanaugh in supporting Congress’ prohibition on issuing HIV relief funds to organizations that support prostitution.

The Policy Requirement does not violate the First Amendment, regardless of whether it is applied to respondents, respondents’ legally distinct foreign affiliates, or any other organization, foreign or domestic,” Thomas wrote.

The Soros network has issued a statement condemning the Supreme Court ruling and the fact they will be denied federal funds because of their international support for the flesh trade.

The Supreme Court upheld the U.S. government’s quest to impose its harmful ideological agenda on U.S. organizations and restrict their right to free speech,” said Patrick Gaspard, president of the Open Society Foundations.

The Anti-Prostitution Pledge compromises the fight against HIV by impeding and stigmatizing efforts to deliver health services. Condemnation of marginalized groups is not a public health strategy,” Gaspard added.

Regardless of their whining, the Supreme Court decision is final.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Put a large enough bounty on his head dead or alive prefer dead, and someone from his inner circle will get the job done, problem solved. When enough money is raised to make the offer I will donate an address he lives at in NY.

      • But he has trained his son to be just as evil as he is! Need to put a bounty on both their heads.

          • Which one? He has 4 boys and a girl. Alexander Soros, Andrea Soros, Jonathan Soros, Robert Soros, Gregory Soros

            Andrea is just as bad as she is on the Board of the Open Society Foundation.

          • Thank you…I really know nothing about Soros or his children. So we will still have a fight on our hands…OK, people are getting woke.

  2. Its not that they have no rights ,its that they act as traitors serving sedition and betrayal and treason disguised as benevolent liberalism ,when in reality they are setting up global tyranny . Rule of the richest

  3. Good decision now ban all his support of all politicians and paid agitators and finally put this prik in prison

  4. The fucked up part is that there were liberal justices that disagreed. They are an abomination and traitors to America.

  5. Mr. Gaspard, prostitution also compromises the fight against HIV. You’re on the wrong side of this issue.

  6. Put Soros in prison for his financing murder in the streets through race riots. Put Soros in prison for his continual effort to overthrow the Constitution of the United States.

  7. With all of the economic chaos Soros has caused over the years, especially with his manipulation of some third world currencies, I’m surprised one of those countries hasn’t paid someone to drop the hammer on him. Or just straight up done it themselves. He has certainly earned it, and one of his sons is just as bad.

    • We stand with Hungry on the issue of Soros. They are taking a stand against him, at great peril to their current administration.

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