The Term ‘Wuhan Virus’ Has Been Declared ‘Racist’ By Liberal Media

Fact checked
The term 'Wuhan virus' is now considered racist by many leftists

Although liberal outlets like CNN have been describing the coronavirus as “Wuhan” for weeks, that term is now being described as “racist” by the liberal media establishment.

Despite the fact that many Asian media outlets have used the term “Wuhan virus,” an NBC News reporter tweeted Monday, “FYI: Calling #COVID19 the ‘Wuhan Virus’ is racist.”

No, this is NOT satire.

Far-left MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes even attacked Rep. Paul Gosar as “astoundingly gross” for daring to use the term. reports: To which Gosar replied, “Just astoundingly ignorant to have all major media refer to it as #WuhanVirus for months but somehow, today, you’ve decided that’s #racist.”

The Nation’s Davi Zirin chimed in with, “‘The Wuhan Virus.’ Racist to the last.”

The far-left Media Matters is accusing Fox News and Vice President Mike Pence of “try[ing] to rebrand coronavirus as ‘the Wuhan virus.’”

Naturally, many of our oh-so elite elites in the Blue Checkmark Mafia agree…

The stupidity, the ignorance behind this is simply astounding, but unfortunately, not at all surprising anymore.

Naming a virus after the location from where it likely originated, using that as a shorthand, goes back decades.

“Wuhan” was first discovered in Wuhan, China.

Ebola was named after a river close to where an outbreak took place in Africa.

Lyme disease was named after a Connecticut town experienced an outbreak in 1975.

The Zika virus was named after a forest in Uganda in 1947, where scientists discovered what it was.

The Marburg virus was first discovered in Marburg, Germany.

The West Nile virus is what causes West Nile fever… guess where

Did you know Legionnaires’ disease is named that because the first notable outbreak killed off a bunch of legionnaires in attendance at an American Legion convention in Philadelphia back in 1976?

So we literally have decades of precedent in naming diseases after where they were first discovered, including a town in lily-white Connecticut. Good heaven, we have a disease named after a bunch of white, middle-aged legionnaires — but “Wuhan” is now racist.

Need I add that “Wuhan” is not even a race?

And that anti-science thinking is why Trump won the presidency.