The Roswell Alien Hoax, UFO Enthusiasts Conned

Fact checked

Have the UFO community been duped by the long anticipated Roswell Slides? 

At the moment, the above picture is the only publicly released picture available which purports to depict an alien situated at Area 51 in Roswell.

The slides were shown to an audience at a UFO conference in Mexico and streamed live on the internet – costing $20 to view and even more if you wanted to attend in person.

Although the above image is the only one available publicly, the event allegedly showed a series of pictures that are currently only available to view by paying money.

Many users have criticised the picture, saying it doesn’t prove the existence of aliens and nor is there any proof that it was taken at Area 51 in Roswell. In fact, it looks very much like a mummified corpse, possibly of a young child.

Others have likened the picture to the “atta boy” alien pictures from Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

o-RIPLEYATTABOY-570 reports:

When a new documentary promised to unveil DNA tests on a 6-inch-tall humanoid found 10 years ago in Chile, everyone weighed in with an opinion.

UFO researchers hoped this might finally be proof of alien visitations. Skeptics were sure it was nothing more than shameless movie promotion.

The latest ripple in this controversy might be the most bizarre turn yet.

And by “ripple,” I mean Ripley — as in “Believe It or Not!”

The tiny mummified figure — better known as Ata (pictured at right in the above image) — was found in Chile’s Atacama Desert in 2003. It is featured in the recent documentary “Sirius.” Even after detailed X-rays, CAT scans and DNA analysis, questions are still being asked about Ata’s origin.

Genetic testing — while not totally conclusive yet — strongly suggests Ata is 91 percent human. But it’s the other 9 percent of unknown properties that still have experts scratching their heads. Further DNA analysis might help unravel the mystery.

Part of the controversy involves some scientists claiming Ata was a human who lived six to eight years, while others insist Ata was a mummified aborted human fetus. You can’t have it both ways.

And now, meet Atta Boy (pictured above). Yes, Atta Boy, also around 6-inches tall, also from the Atacama Desert area as Ata, but reportedly from Bolivia or Peru.

What do you think about the Roswell alien pictures? A big hoax or the real deal?