Thousands Join Oxford Protest Against Tyrannical ’15 Minute Cities’

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The WEF would love a hunger game society

Oxford protest

Thousands of protesters gathered in central Oxord on Saturday, to stand against new highly controversial transport plans which would divide the city into six districts.

The plans include proposals to block residential streets to stop vehicles cutting through, and to set up six traffic filters to cut unnecessary journeys.

Some claim that the proposals will prevent residents from leaving their local area as part of a ‘climate lockdown’ and claim that this is connected to a larger plan to limit freedom of movement and control people.

But what are 15 minute cities and where does the World Economic Forum fit into the plan?

According to The OxStu : One of the organisers of the protest, who said: “We’re here to come together to say no to 15-minute cities, we’re here because we’re incredibly worried about the attack on our rights, the freedom of movement, and everything that comes from freedom of movement…Most people you speak to here are going to be all for a return to local economies. But this isn’t going to achieve that, it’s going to restrict people’s rights.” 

Another protester, from Stand in the Park U.K., stated: “We’re obviously in opposition to this rollout of 15-minute cities and the implications of what that means when you are effectively locking people into zones in their own hometowns. It’s made to sound like this wonderful idea because it would be fantastic if we have all these nice little community hubs with amenities within close reach, but the actual reality of what this means is that you are being tracked and traced within your own town. You’re looking at having to have permits to leave the zone that you find yourself in.”

These comments reflect a sentiment frequently expressed by Reclaim Party leader, GB News presenter, and former actor, Laurence Fox, who was also at the protest. Fox has previously raised concerns that 15-minute neighbourhoods are part of a wider plan to control people, often including the push for people to get vaccinated as also being part of this plan.

Oxford has become of particular interest to those who share these ideas due to these new transport plans, which have been seen as a great example of this ‘attack’ on freedoms.

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