Thousands see giant UFOs over Australia

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Thousands see giant UFOs over Australia

Thousands see giant UFOs over Australia on Nov 3, 2014

Photos of a strange ‘fallstreak’ rainbow cloud hovering over Victoria causes a storm on social media…

The images appear to show a giant, colourful wormhole in the sky over Wonthaggi . There are some who are more inclined to believe this is HAARP rather than UFOs….and now we have the expert explanation stating that these holes in the clouds are actually a natural phenomenon. reports:- Theories ranged from aliens to UFOs to the end of the world, with journalist Martin McKenzie-Murray tweeting: “Rapture’s here folks”.

But Michael Efron, forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology, reassured locals that the sight was a natural weather phenomenon.

“It looks like a fallstreak cloud, also known as a punch hole cloud,” he told Fairfax Media. “They form when the water temperature in the cloud is below freezing, but the water has not yet frozen due to a lack of ice nucleation particles.

“When the water does start to freeze, it falls down to the surface … so you’re left with this cloud surrounding it, this clear area.”

The iridescence within the cloud works like that seen in sea shells, butterfly wings and soap bubbles, he said.

Clouds need to be high in the sky for them to form.

Mr Efron said the sight was rare, but that a similar cloud formation was spotted over Perth last month.

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