Top 20 CNN Fake News Moments

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Ever wondered why CNN is registered as entertainment and not as news? These 20 epic fake news fails will explain why.

Have you ever wondered why CNN is registered as an entertainment channel and not as news? After digesting these epic fake news fails, the answer should obvious. 

20. CNN says it is illegal to read WikiLeaks: 

CNN did their best to pretend WikiLeaks didn’t exist for the majority of last year’s election campaign, but when the noise generated by alt-media became too loud for them to ignore, they wheeled out Chris Cuomo who fixed the camera with his best hypnotist’s stare and told viewers not to read WikiLeaks – ‘so everything you learn about this, you’re learning from us.”

19. CNN fakes interview and interviews own cameraman: 

Unable to find an interview subject who believed in Hillary Clinton, CNN resorted to filming an embarrassing fake interview with a CNN employee who gave an Oscar-worthy performance as an actor. What were we saying about entertainment?

In the studio, Don Lemon realized the PR fallout would be much worse for CNN if he didn’t call them out for the embarrassing stunt.

Look at the reporter and cameraman’s faces at the end as they realize they will be on every fake news highlights reel from now until eternity.

18. CNN fakes being at Sandy Hook:

Anderson Cooper’s disappearing nose reveals the green screen screw-up.

17. CNN fakes being in Middle east during gulf war: 

The least trusted name in news was making fake news way back in the early 90s.

16. CNN fakes debate questions:

According to documents released by WikiLeaks, DNC boss Donna Brazile sent Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri an email titled, “One of the questions directed to HRC tomorrow is from a woman with a rash,” the night before the March 6 CNN primary debate in Flint, Mich.

Her family has lead poison and she will ask what, if anything, will Hillary do as president to help the ppl of Flint,” Brazile wrote.

Sure enough, the following night, Lee-Anne Walters, a mom whose twin boys stopped growing and whose daughter lost her hair during the Flint water contamination crisis, posed a question to both Clinton, the eventual Democratic presidential nominee, and her primary opponent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

After my family, the city of Flint and the children in D.C. were poisoned by lead, will you make a personal promise to me right now that, as president, in your first 100 days in office, you will make it a requirement that all public water systems must remove all lead service lines throughout the entire United States, and notification made to the — the citizens that have said service lines?” Walters asked.

Clinton responded with a lengthy well-rehearsed answer that moderator Anderson Cooper had to twice interrupt in an attempt to keep to the agreed-upon time limit. Clinton’s remarks drew applause from the crowd.

15. CNN fakes story to make BLM look good, ignores call to violence:

14. CNN caught staging fake satellite interview:

Jon Stewart couldn’t resist roasting CNN for this epic fail.

13. Hospital CEO wins major court victory after CNN fakes statistics 

Those who accuse CNN and other mainstream media outlets of “fake news” will probably revel in a recent decision by a federal judge in Atlanta, Georgia,” LawNewz reported.

While Judge Orinda Evans took aim at CNN in a judgment in favor of a former hospital CEO who sued the network accusing them of purposely skewing statistics to reflect poorly on a West Palm Beach hospital. Judge Evans didn’t mince words in her 18-page order allowing the case to move forward, and dismissing CNN’s attempt to get it thrown out of court.

In our case, we contended that CNN essentially made up its own standard in order to conduct an ‘apples to oranges’ comparison to support its false assertion that St. Mary’s mortality rate was 3 times higher than the national average. Accordingly, the case against CNN certainly fits the description of media-created ‘Fake News,‘” said Carbone’s attorney L. Lin Wood, in a statement to LawNewz.

12. CNN fakes internet meme to smear alt-right 

CNN told their viewers that this racist meme was going viral in alt-right circles. However it was revealed that the network actually created the image themselves in an attempt to smear Trump supporters as white supremacists. The internet did not exist on the internet at all.


11. CNN cuts mic for saying Jesus: 

10. CNN turns off their camera when Trump calls out their lies:

9. CNN cuts feed as soon as Wikileaks is mentioned:

From early in the campaign when CNN were still trying to keep their viewers in the dark about the existence of a little publisher called WikiLeaks. 

8. CNN Cuts Bernie Sander’s mic when he calls them fake news:

Imagine the chaos behind the scenes after execs heard Bernie Sanders call them fake news. Panic stations! “What did he say? Cut his mic!”

7. CNN cuts mic on Muslim woman who goes off script:

Liberal Muslims say the darnedest things.

6. CNN compares fake news to the “N word”

It’s that guy with his foot in his mouth again.

5. CNN leads with story about Trump eating chicken instead of covering gas attack news


4. CNN caught faking viewing figures

CNN conflated two statistics to falsely claim that its ratings were equivalent to Fox News’ during the coverage of President Trump’s inauguration.

Resident doofus Chris Cuomo even doubled down on the claim.

Really, Chris? Take a look at the numbers from Nielsen:

Noon to 12:30 p.m. (oath of office and inaugural address):

CNN: 3.375 million total viewers
Fox News: 11.768 million total viewers

11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

CNN: 3.047 million total viewers
Fox News: 10.483 million total viewers

1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

CNN: 2.326 million total viewers
Fox News: 7.901 million total viewers

Primetime (8 p.m. to 11 p.m.)

CNN: 4.528 million total viewers
Fox News: 6.958 million total viewers

3. CNN loses feed when reporter talks about Clinton’s support of mass incarceration in the 90s

Suppressing any mention of Hillary’s embarrassing policies from the 1990s was part of CNN’s brief to “frame the HRC message.” More on that when we get to number 2.

2. CNN reporters colluding with the Clinton campaign

Thanks to WikiLeaks we know that at least 65 mainstream reporters, including 8 CNN hacks, were working closely with the Clinton campaign during the last election. They were invited to dinners at John Podesta’s house where they worked on “framing the race” and “framing the HRC message.”


1. CNN admit they are promoting Hillary Clinton

Chris Cuomo let’s the cat out of the bag – CNN are a propaganda channel!

Hat tip: CleverestPony70

Masters of fake news

According to Amber Lyon, a three-time Emmy award winning journalist, CNN is routinely paid by the US government and foreign governments to selectively report on certain events and make up fake news stories.

Furthermore, the Obama administration paid CNN for editorial control over some of their content.

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