Top Biochemist Warns Single Pfizer Shot Contains Enough ‘Rogue DNA’ To Cause Cancer

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Pfizer’s Covid mRNA vaccine is under scrutiny for a concerning revelation – it contains enough rogue DNA fragments to cause cancer with just one dose.

In a bombshell testimony during a South Carolina Senate committee hearing, Dr. Phillip Buckhaults, a world-leading biochemist and authority in cancer genomics, exposed Pfizer’s vaccine for harboring more than just mRNA – it’s teeming with plasmid DNA.

This disturbing fact, supported by multiple laboratory investigations, unearthed a staggering 200 billion DNA fragments per dose, presenting a grave threat to crucial genetic processes crucial for cancer defense.

Armed with a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology, Buckhaults specializes in uncovering the covert infiltration of foreign DNA into healthy genetic structures.

His analysis of Pfizer vaccine samples from Columbia, South Carolina, uncovered an alarming abundance of rogue DNA remnants – a shocking breach of public trust on the part of Pfizer with dire consequences.

“This DNA has the potential to infiltrate and merge with the genomic DNA of vaccinated cells,” Buckhaults warned, emphasizing the enduring risks of cancer development and hereditary DNA abnormalities.

Buckhaults explained that despite Pfizer’s attempts to mitigate this contamination by fragmenting DNA, they only succeeded in heightening the danger, increasing the chances of genome alterations in the vaccinated.

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The origin of this DNA traces back to a plasmid known as Agilent, utilized by Pfizer to clone spike proteins and replicate mRNA.

Despite efforts to remove DNA, traces persisted in the “Warp Speed” vaccines, nestled alongside mRNA within lipid nanoparticles, primed for cellular absorption upon injection.

As Buckhaults emphasized, the repercussions of this DNA infiltration are profound, reverberating around the world and even across generations. The legacy of integrated foreign DNA threatens to damage the integrity of humanity’s genetic makeup and casts a shadow of uncertainty over the future.

According to the French Nobel Prize winner for Medicine, Dr. Luc Montagnier, the unvaccinated will save the world.

While Dr. Montagnier was pilloried by the mainstream media at the time, it appears the celebrated Nobel laureate, who made his name co-discovering HIV in the early 1980s, was a prophet ahead of his time.

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