Top Virologist Who Voted for Vaccine Mandates Dies ‘Suddenly and Unexpectedly’

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Top virologist who voted for jab mandates drops dead

A top virologist who advocated for vaccine mandates in America died “suddenly and expectedly” last week.

Dr. Almyra Oveta Fuller, an associate professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Michigan, died Friday at the age of 67. reports: Reports state Dr. Fuller died “following a brief illness unrelated to COVID,” though there’s no further information on the circumstances of her death.

Over the past few years, Dr. Fuller was a member of the Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, which approved COVID-19 vaccines and boosters in the United States for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

In the following video from December 2020, Dr. Fuller can be seen participating in a discussion concerning the FDA’s potential approval of an EUA for Moderna’s Covid-19 jab.

Previous tweets from Dr. Fuller also show she had been a fierce pro-vaccine proponent.

Dr. Fuller supported adding Covid-19 jabs to the list of required vaccines recommended by the CDC for students to attend public school.

Here she is recommending pregnant women take the Covid vaccine:

Back in March 2021, the doctor argued that all three experimental Covid vaccines were safe and effective.

Dr. Fuller also considered being “fully vaccinated” to be “a major tool in toolkit to crush or at least manage coexistence with low Covid levels.”

In another tweet, she falsely claimed that the Covid vaccine was “NOT mRNA gene therapy.”

The prominent virologist also did a “victory dance” after the FDA gave EUA approval for the third Covid-19 vaccine booster doses.

Dr. Fuller also appears to have been concerned about vaccine hesitancy in the black community.

Speaking to The Michigan Daily in November 2021, Dr. Fuller explained why she voted yes to an EUA approving Covid vaccines for children aged 5-11:

Based on the data that was presented for the clinical trials with 5- to 11-year-olds, as well as the rollout effects of the Pfizer vaccine over the last 10 months in millions of people, the benefits seem to far outweigh the risk. So I voted yes, to make that available as something that parents who choose to have their children vaccinated can do. My opinion was not so much to make it mandatory but to make it accessible. 

Judging by the professor’s vociferous support of the experimental jabs, it can be safely assumed she likely adhered to CDC vaccine recommendations and most likely had received up to five Covid vaccine doses prior to her untimely demise.

Unfortunately, since there’s a near-total blackout on information surrounding her death, it’s impossible to say whether vaccines played a role – so we’ll have to chalk this up to another mysterious case of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.


  1. Effing hilarious! The “clot shot drop” is accelerating and I’m finding it entertaining. Go for another booster dumbasses.

  2. A top virologist, vaxed and telling others to, drops dead. Okay, so where was this fool educated? Did she buy her degree, or were they handing them out because of colour, gender, creed, whatever? Another ‘expert’ that dropped dead to expose her fraudulent education. I’ll bet she’s dancing for the devil now, lol. Educated fools the Bible calls them.

    • I believe the entire medical profession has been compromised. They all seem to be echoing the same narrative. It is astounding! I have never been a big fan of doctors or of the medical field and this whole scam has done nothing to change my mind. There are many who should face charges due to the murders of “covid” patients. Someday they will have to face God for their sins

      • Phamakia healthcare is a scam. First thing these snake-oil salesmen do to make another addict, is to inject them early with serum that will handicap their immune system. The degree they are able to impair the immune function is directly related to the amount of drugs they can get into the subject.

      • Revelation 18:23, “…for by thy sorceries (pharmakia is the word in the original Greek text) were ALL nations deceived.”

      • Man’s ‘justice’ is pathetic, God’s justice is eternal. So, I’m happy for them who promulgate the murder of others. I’m also not a fan of big pharma, I was brought up using herbs and other homemade remedies for most ailments. I’m mid 60, take no tablets for anything (and refuse to), eat healthy, exercise and try every day to be an acceptable person in God’s presence.

    • She professes to be a preacher of The Word. How much more will she be judged by her dirty works? Genocide is murder.

  3. When one refuses truth the only other option is a lie. Those who love lies will be exterminated by what they love. Lies die, truth is eternal.

  4. She was instrumental in securing the EUA. She was also instrumental in securing her being thrown into a coffin and chucked into a hole. I approve of the second part.

  5. Heavily instituionalised people are really brainwashed They think it’s great and pay huge prices for the privilege if being certified as Approved. They display their certificates and diplomas and degrees very proudly as evidence, proof of their Compliance
    Honestly. What can one say?

  6. Top Virologist Who Voted for Vaccine Mandates Dies ‘Suddenly and Unexpectedly’ …

    Ohhh What a shame…Not CMAO, but LMAO ….

  7. ALL virologists are frauds. They know an infectious virus for ANY disease as never been isolated………..only exosomes and artifacts.

  8. Doesn’t bother me, she got her just reward. She voted to mandate a vaccine that kills people. Looks like it may have killed her too. What goes around comes around regardless. I pray she repented.

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