Transgender Who Raped Multiple Women in Hospital Spared Prison Because “Women Can’t Rape Women”

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Transgender who raped multiple women in UK female hospital ward spared prison because 'women can't rape women'

A biological male who identifies as female has been spared jail after raping multiple women in an all-women hospital because, according to police, “women can’t rape women.”

Yes, really.

One of his attacks was caught on CCTV. But law enforcement refused to accept it as a possibility because in the all-women hospital, it was “impossible” for the victim to have been raped by a fellow woman. reports: In the past, that may have been true. But in our post-truth society, transgender “women” are allowed to intermingle with biological women in the most intimate circumstances. Bathrooms, locker rooms, and hospitals where women are most exposed and vulnerable are ripe playgrounds for biological men who want to prey on them under the banner of LGBTQ+ idiocy. It’s not just about male swimmers winning female championships. Women are put at physical risk and our “woke” western society embraces it.

According to PJ Media:

A British woman reported to police that she had been raped during a stay in a hospital. But the police were told that simply wasn’t possible because the ward where the woman claims she was raped was for “females only.” And since there “was no male in the hospital, therefore the rape could not have happened.”

Emma Nicholson, the Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, stood before the members of the House of Lords and pointed out that the rape was caught on CCTV, but it took nearly a year for the hospital to admit there was a transgendered person in the ward who raped the victim.

According to the baroness, the victim came close to a nervous breakdown after spending nearly a year being told that the rape that she experienced never happened. And the hospital would have actually kept denying the victim’s claims if the CCTV cameras hadn’t shown the truth.

What kind of insanity demands that people lie to cover up the truth? How can that be justified under any circumstances for any reason whatsoever?

Somehow, somewhere, someone is going to have to stand up for the real world. Instead of embracing delusions and fantasy and instead of canceling people who refuse to recognize this alternate reality, there has to be a place for logic, for reason — for normalcy.

Imagine being told that the man who raped you couldn’t have possibly done it because he claims to be a woman and is protected under woke western rules of transgender supremacy? The victim in this case doesn’t have to imagine it. She’s been living the nightmare for over a year.


  1. There are legal precedents of females convicted of raping other females already.They have been convicted of digital rape. Theyre lying. Surprise.

  2. This world (and mostly this country) is beyond evil. Demons are allowed freedom while the innocent are controlled and abused. God save us.

  3. I suppose these idjits never heard of a woman raping a woman with an instrument of some kind? These days when some “women” have a dick, they cannot rape a woman but a woman can have a dick. Go figure.

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