Two Years After Saying “Screw Your Freedom” Arnold Schwarzenegger Apologizes

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If the covid narrative hadn’t changed would he still be apologizing?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has apologized for remarks made two years ago when dismissing concerns about medical tyranny during the so called covid pandemic.

If the narrative hadn’t changed would he be apologizing?

The “Terminator” actor got angry with people who were against the mask and covid jab mandates and told them to “screw their freedom.”

During a in a CNN discussion in August 2021, Schwarzenegger said: “We cannot just say, ‘I have the right to do X, Y and Z.’ When you affect other people, that is when it gets serious”

“There is a virus here. It kills people, and the only way we prevent it is: get vaccinated, wear masks, do social distancing, washing your hands all the time, and not just to think about, ‘Well, my freedom is being kind of disturbed here.’ No, screw your freedom,” he said

InfoWars reports: Two years later, the “Commando” star appears to have reflected on his behavior and had a change of heart.

One user on Twitter was promoting Schwarzenegger’s new “Pump Club” podcast, when another user said he’d skip checking it out due to his 2021 remarks.

“I want to check this out, but have a hard time getting over Arnold ‘Fuck Your Freedom’ Schwarzenegger,” the user said.

In response, Schwarzenegger himself apologized, saying, “sometimes my mouth gets ahead of me.”

“Here’s what else I’ll say: I’m sorry for saying those words. I try to be relentlessly positive, but sometimes my mouth gets ahead of me. I should have communicated better,” the “True Lies” star tweeted last week.

Now that the dust is settling on the COVID plandemic, it appears some people are now beginning to realize how far overboard they went thanks to the fear-driven mainstream media machine.



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  3. I’ll never forgive and I’ll never forget what him and the other monsters tried to do to me and mine. My only wish is that his version was not saline solution but the actual vax and I hope he had all 4 boosters.

  4. He should disappear and stick to cheating on his wife and screwing the housekeeper. Arnold has no morals so he is just a POS. Don’t get offended by the POS, just wipe if off the bottom of your shoe and get on with life.

    • Amen.

      Imagine if you will, during pre-covid, if you treated signs of the average respiratory virus the same way as they did post-covid?

      How many people ever went to get tested for the flu before covid? Close to zero percent of people

      How many people went to go get tested for the flu if they found out they were in company of someone who tested positive for the flu at work or in a gathering (no matter how large the gathering)? Nobody

      How many people would rely on a PCR test that couldn’t tell the difference between the flu and say, ebola to determine if they had the flu, and could be administered at varying rates of duplication threshold, and that rate criteria lowered for more “positive” returns?

      How many people upon testing positive for the flu (symptoms or not) would have their 02-stats taken? Close to zero percent of people

      And how many people would be hospitalized for testing positive for the average respiratory flu? Close to zero percent of people.

      Finally, how many hospitalized flu patients would be told there was only one protocol they’re allowed to receive, Remdesivir and being put on respirators and all other treatments banned to the point if a doctor recommended trying something different it could lose them their license? Zero percent

      Now, imagine if the average respiratory flu, which can sometimes be nasty YOY no matter what your health, was treated with the same hysterical reaction by the public and medical community and restricted to the same strict protocol as covid? You would’ve probably had just as many people dying “with”, or “of” the flu as covid. You’d have just as many “cases” if not more and everything would be considered a super-spreader event.

      Nobody ever addresses how the deliberate change in behavior and protocol if equally applied could’ve elicited the same statistical results between your average flu and covid.

    • they died from ricin inhalation. that is how they killed them. put powder in the ventalators, destroyed the lungs. they did this in NYC hospitals to get the scare psyop going to get a few real deaths going. the truth.
      when they flew in nurses to “help”, well many were CIA death teams. They would select their sacrfices carefully.

  5. Apology not accepted. Arnold, go straight back to hell where you came from, you Austrian Nazi moron. And please do us all a favor, ‘don’t be back’. All ‘real’ Americans now know who and what you really are, and ‘you’ never deserved America.

  6. My response to all the COVIDians that criticized me for not getting the Jonestown jabs is this:

    “It must p|ss you off that my tinfoil hat has kept me safer and better protected than your “vaccine”

    • Notice that we’re running out of tinfoil hats? The conspiracy theories are coming true faster than we can make them up.

    • Funny, I call them the Jew jabs. You know, cause of…all of THEM…scattered about the “covid” landscape…running the CDC…the WHO…every big pharma corp…the media…the government…there’s just…so many of THEM, that it’s hard to ignore. Ya know?

      It’s like…you see wolves in the pasture…and you cry out “WOLVES! WOLVES ARE ATTACKING THE SHEEP!” and the guy next to you says “What, are you some kind of anti-wolf Nazi?” and you’re like, “Excuse me?” “You sound like an anti-wolf Nazi.” “An anti-wolf Nazi?” “Yes.” “But…wolves are attacking the sheep!” “THERE YOU GO AGAIN! YOU NAZI! YOU’RE A NAZI!!!”

      And you look around and you’re like, is this for real? And everyone keeps munching the grass and watching their little screens. And you realize that you’re the one that’s in the field, and the sheep are all around you. And the wolves are eyeballing you and the sheep just pretend they aren’t there. “Those poor little wolves have SUFFERED!” say the sheep. “We must feel SORRY for them.” As they inject…I mean, attack with their fangs and claws.

      I’m sorry, I’m rambling…
      What was the question again?

  7. He’s “sorry?” NOT GOOD ENOUGH…

    He should have to apologize AFTER being convicted at a tribunal for crimes against humanity, along with FaucI, AND Trump.

    The actions taken by those in power, including influencers, resulted in a severely damaged economy, lost years of people’s lives AND the murder of millions for forcing untested vaccines on a trusting world.


  8. His apology, like all of the apologies made after fascism’s face was revealed, rings hollow. All these years living under Freedom’s protection and Arnold still thinks like a European.

    • There is so much you could contribute to the fight against communism. Have you ever considered moving past typing out the word “democrat” in cutesy little ways to perhaps reading a few books, learning some things about communism, learn why it’s bad, who’s behind it, ect…why is THIS all you have? Democrats and republicans aren’t even REAL. That’s just the brainwashing crap they fill the 2 controlled-narrative “sides” heads with.

      Why can’t you do better? How are we ever supposed to win the fight against communism when the best that our “side” brings to the table is “democRAT! HA! DID YA SEE THAT? I capitalized the RAT so people can see the word RAT in the word ‘democrat’!!! HA! DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT? HUH? DID YA SEE? DID YA? RAT! HA! HA HA! I’m so clever! I’m clever, right guys! Can I pet the rabbits now?”

      Seriously man. Wtf. If you’re the front line in the fight against communism, we’re SCREWED. Do you get that? SCREWED!

        • I don’t care if you’re afraid of what I say or not. If you’re not man enough to face the fact that it’s YOU who posted gibberish and all I did was call you on it, then you march right off into your own little self absorbed world and block wtf you want to block. I certainly don’t expect anything more from you .

  9. The problem was, just as Patton proclaimed after we lost WW2 (yeah, if you think the Adamic race won that war, you’re deluded), we destroyed the wrong damn army.

    Schwarzenegger sided with the same Jewish Bolshevik communist side. Funny, since he’s an Austrian, if memory serves, home of the ORIGINAL LEADER.

    Hitler was right. He’s been right, all along.

  10. Hey Arnold, go F yourself. Get out of our country and go home where you belong. They’re all for destroying freedom there. Take Jay Leno with you. You’ll both be much happier there. Funny how you wait until you’re filthy rich before you bad mouth our people.

  11. I’m thinking we have a Unit 8200 “individual” in the house.

    Raise your hands, Unit 8200!

    Let’s hear from you!

  12. I think I remember Arnie saying bad things about Trump back then, too. In other words, he was (is) a fan of team Biden. I wonder if he has had second thoughts about that as well ???

  13. Oh Arnie — how have you fallen?

    Oh no, not the “apology” (which really only sounds like “Darn, I shouldn’t have made that mistake!”).

    But kissing up to that deep state plant Alexander Semyonovich Vindman, born in Kiev, “educated” in Harvard…

    Look him up, Arnie, if you aren’t too busy screwing the maid!

  14. He did his job as a CIA asset actor. millions of people admired him and his movies and his made up success story, so when they needed to get people to inject this poison, they sent him a memo. So he said what he said, because that was his job…Acting. who knows what he really thought, but he was told to make the statement so he did, along with all the other hollywood cia actors. It was a psyop. “oh my hero says it is stupid not to take an experimental injection, so I am not going to disappoint my hero. I am getting one right away. and I am going to write him a letter saying that I am not one of those selfish people!” yay me!”

  15. Arnold: “…the only way we prevent it is: get vaccinated, wear masks, do social distancing, washing your hands all the time…”

    Well, washing your hands is always a good idea. But the rest of what he was yammering about is and was wrong. The ‘vaccines’ don’t prevent infection or transmission. Neither do masks and doctors have known that for over 100 years. There is no reason healthy people should wear the,

    Doctors also can’t tell you where the weird and baseless ‘social distancing’ came from. A sneeze
    can go over 100 feet.

  16. Am I the only one that has stopped watching movies? After listening to the actors bich about Trump and rave for the vaccine, I have totally had it and shut them all off. being wholy serious. If I saw a celebrity in public, if I reconized one, which I doubt, I would run up to them and give them a tough lashing they would never forget.

  17. He doesn’t get to just apologize. He helped promote the most deadly and injurious practices our country has ever seen.

  18. And free citizens care about his words, WHY? Arnold is a RINO and a dyed in the wool communist traitor to the free citizens of the State of California. After the war, if Arnold is still alive, he should steer clear of California.

  19. We learned a long time ago where this Terminator’s brains were, i.e., hanging between his legs proven when he impregnated the housekeeper. Stupid of his kind should be avoided, whether or not he may finally give a mea culpa for a prior Stupidity Eruption.

  20. Those who withstood all of the hate and negativity and even to the point of losing jobs were 150% correct!
    Masks didn’t work, vaccines didn’t work (and are even harmful)…………..

  21. The only true pandemic was the hysteria that media and unethical and morally bankrupt “physicians” fomented.

    April 11, 2023: 685,009,646 total cases worldwide of this virus (worldometer). Should really make one think a while.

  22. Look he was a good bodybuilder who got his lucky break after doing nudie pictures. He was an OK actor, not great, and a lousy piticuan who never should heve been allowed to run He wrecked Californias economy.
    And he’s a bother one taken from the gutters and groomed and recruited by them to use as their slave. That’s all.

    • Lousy politician I typed How auto correct thinks piticuan is a word is a mystery or another should be a bother.? Theyre like that Weird. Like Arnie really How many steroids can you do safely?

  23. so what arnie is/was always a communist stooge that after years in the US still sounds like he just got off a boat ph uk him and all like him apologies not accepted because they are as fake as that trans boolshiff

  24. Too late Arnold, once you show that authoritarian control freak side, you just can’t put it back in its box.
    You are a socialist communist pig after all, now you can’t hide it.

  25. I haven’t trusted anything that comes out of this government since they tried to kill me in VN and then had us bug-out with our tails between our legs.

  26. Sorry, Arnie. Think we are done with you liberal idiots’ “mis-speaking” and apologizing later when your error becomes too glaring (and damaging). Do us all a favor: STFU and go away.

  27. Masking, social distancing, lock downs and finally the “vaccine”….none of it worked….z28.310 is the government code designating the unvaccinated, 100% pure blood.

  28. I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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