Biden’s SCOTUS Pick Ketanji Brown Jackson Ousted as a Pedophile

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Joe Biden's SCOTUS pick Ketanji Brown Jackson ousted as a pedophile

Joe Biden’s SCOTUS pick Ketanji Brown Jackson has a long track record of supporting child rapists and condoning pedophilia, according to Censored.TV host Gavin McInnes.

Biden’s radical far-left SCOTUS pick will ostracize the moderate wing of the Supreme Court by consistently showing leniency towards child rapists, McInnes said during a recent interview with Alex Jones.



  1. Legitimate pedophiles, being pre pubescent, or the FRAUD pedophiles being teenagers? We need to know their ages. Lest we get deceived by devious deceivers wanting to trick the world, further down the road, into believing the church’s thousands of convictions for pedophilia were committed against 17 yo s rather then 7 y.o

  2. Look pedophilia and drug trafficking like horse and carriage Her father a lawyers yet his brother was sentenced to life in prison for cocaine possession, and yet another uncle was miami police chief. Get the picture of how the Democrats cover the bases? Chief justice Roberts, I have read is supposed to also be involved in pedophilia and is contrallabe via that mechanism.
    Corruption corruption deceits lies evil.

    • And her parents have been heavily involved in education and shaping policy and she won the highest debating award, the Catholic something or other so her attitudes must have gained their approval. It’s all really awful but the mainstream middle class people are as if totally unaware of any of it. You don’t get life in jail for cocaine possession unless the notes the judge is seeing demonstrate some really high level dealing.

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