Decades of NATO Hypocrisy Exposed By Serbian Soccer Fans’ Giant Banners: ‘Give Peace a Chance?’

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Serbian soccer fans exposed decades of NATO hypocrisy on Thursday, holding aloft a series of giant banners listing every single NATO military intervention, and finishing with the message “All we are saying is give peace a chance.”

According to the Serbian soccer fans, NATO has no right to be lecturing Russia in 2022 about peace and stability.

The banner forms a timeline of all the conflicts in which the US, as well as NATO, have sent armies, including the attack on Serbia in 1999 and Afghanistan after 9/11.

The banner ended with a sarcastic message “All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance”.

Serbia’s top club Red Star Belgrade was playing a Europa League last 16 match against Glasgow Rangers at the Rajko Mitic stadium in Belgrade.

This is the second time since the start of the Ukraine War that Serbian soccer fans have conveyed pro-Russia messages at a major game.

Serbia, a known Russian ally in the region, is the only European country that refused to sanction Moscow.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Author: “This is the second time since the start of the Ukraine War that Serbian soccer fans have conveyed pro-Russia messages.. What the heck? that’s a Pro-Peace message! But that misdirection isn’t the first time the author failed to dump on anything that doesn’t promote Washington memes and agendas.

  2. If you read Serbian newspapers or listen to their media you will know that there’s a whole world put there that extends past the Epoch crimes or the Intercept. And clearly Serbian Nivak Djokovic is really the number 1 tennis player, and the greatest ever, if the erusso Serbian haters in the west weren’t as crooked as. They can’t even bear that Tesla s Serbian, the greatest inventor.

  3. I support Putin and not Biden’s money laundering regime he bribed for 4 billion dollars. I support Putin for taking Biden’s money machine away from him. If I was young I would go volunteer to fight with Russia. So F the F off.

    • ISPI CLEARICI istituto ROME MED has some every interesting studys-almost freinds forever by ALESSIA AMIGGHINI tells the story of putin and XI JINPING as china uses russia to stand off NATO advances

    • The biggest money launderers on earth is London City into the Crowns tax havens in the Caribbean Isles. They bait them, the wealthy by convincing them to trust them, and then when they’ve taken all their money and got it well hidden where only they know how to access it, they turn traitor on the investor s. They’ve done it for ages. They still get lots of suckers taking the baits and falling into the entrapment where then they act outraged that some dirty people have lau dered their dirty through their immaculate city.

  4. NATO vs china with putin and russia being used by china to stand down any NATO ADVANCES in china and post soviet states

  5. 3 billion in arms alone to china from russia in 2016.russia #1 exporter of grain much also going to china.Life and death batttle for food and fuel

      • Thats post soviet russia under a mutual troop reductional agreement with china and russia and china are in bilateral relations and russia is the top fuel metal and food producer for ALL of the east bloc and #1 in grain sells worldwide and fuels china and the EU GAZPROM..What do you think the news black out worldwide is about in kazakhstan whom russia just took over a few weeks ago.The largest land locked country in the world and 5th largest over all.NATURAL RESOURCES GAS and when russia retook K-zak the fuel prce shot up in mins.Russia/china industral complex leads the WTO thus the world and putin is only a watch dog security puppet for XI JINPING CCP general of china.China russia has more fuel metal in the ground of any countrys on earth so they will lead the world and are and have for soon time now

      • And that is the reason america has gettos coast to coast not a fessible movement of war as china and russia have fought over and found out over the last 40 years waste builds want and russia and china don`t need NATO or UK or EU or any other allied forces to win any war as they own the industrial world we are slaves just like putin to china just ask president JOE biden kissing up to XI JINPING head of the communist party of china GAS PRICEs K-ZAK NEWS BLACK OUT

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