Trump Campaign Request Wisconsin Recount Citing ‘Reports Of Irregularities’

Fact checked

Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien said in a statement that the President is “within the threshold to request a recount” in the key battleground state of Wisconsin.

The Elections Commission Administrator has already claimed a victory for Joe Biden in the state.

The President claimed however that his overnight majority had ‘magically disappeared’ thanks to ‘surprise ballot dumps’ in Democrat states.

RT reports: According to calculations by most US media, Wisconsin is still too close to call with less than 1% margin between the candidates and over 98% votes counted.

However, Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe told NBC News that “all of the ballots have been counted” in the state. Biden won the state by 20,697 votes, according to NBC’s tally.

Earlier, President Donald Trump that his opponents were erasing his “500.000 vote advantage” in the crucial state of Pennsylvania, by adding new Joe Biden votes there and all over battlegrounds.

Trump took to Twitter claiming that in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan election workers started “finding Biden votes all over the place”. “So bad for our Country!” he added.


  1. The wxpwt4s in deceiving tbe public the ones with centuries of experience ,know how to stage events to look legitimate They werent born yesterday .And they ALWAYS use the Rule of Law as their major weapon.

  2. Looks like I was correct that far too many of my fellow Trump supporters were overconfident that he would win in a landslide. I was much more realistic and was criticized for it. Not looking too good right now for his re-election. It’s astonishing that so many fucking morons actually voted for Biden and the destruction of this once great Republic. Enjoy your socialism assholes.

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