Trump: Dismissal of Pennsylvania Lawsuit Moves Us Closer to Supreme Court Victory

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Trump attorneys say dismissal of Pennsylvania lawsuit moves them closer to Supreme Court victory

President Trump’s campaign lawyers say the dismissed Pennsylvania lawsuit brings them closer to a Supreme Court victory.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis said in a statement:

Today’s decision turns out to help us in our strategy to get expeditiously to the U.S. Supreme Court. Although we fully disagree with this opinion, we’re thankful to the Obama-appointed judge for making this anticipated decision quickly, rather than simply trying to run out the clock.

The lawsuit argued there was a violation of the guarantee of “equal protection under the law” after counties where voters were primarily Democrats used alternative methods to vote than counties where voters were primarily Republican.

On Saturday, U.S. Middle District Judge Matthew Brann dismissed the suit “with prejudice,” issuing a rebuke to the Trump campaign for attempting to “disenfranchise almost seven million voters.”

He wrote:

One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption, such that this Court would have no option but to regrettably grant the proposed injunctive relief despite the impact it would have on such a large group of citizens. That has not happened. reports: Ellis and Giuliani argued that their evidence showed that 682,777 ballots in Pennsylvania were cast illegally, after poll workers denied the Republican party’s right to independent review, and said they wished to present their evidence in court.

“This is just an extension of the Big Tech, Big Media, Corrupt Democrat censorship of damning facts the American public needs to know,” they wrote.

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  1. The proof of the padding. The mainstream media Barons, usually with wealth from some mysterious source ,represent forces which are very per worse. ” Remember — nothing is what it seems ” QE2 And believe her .Nothing is what it seems .Never count your chickens ,never put all your eggs into one basket. Truth and Justice are not concurrent. Trillions can grease many wheels and every man has his price .And they are going to make trillions from covid and the great flood from mainstream .

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