Trump Officially Establishes ‘Office Of The Former President’

Fact checked

Former President Donald Trump has officially established his “Office of the Former President”

The office in Palm Beach County Florida will manage Trumps “correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities” and serve to continue his political agenda, a press release from the new office said.

The move came in less than a week after Trump left office.

Last Friday, Trump told supporters he “would be back” in some form, but did not specify how or when.

He also gave a cryptic interview in which he declared he would be taking action in the coming months.

We’ll do something, but not just yet,” he told the Washington Examiner on Friday at the Trump International Golf Club.


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  2. They all do that Its normal They get paid to run an office as former president Its standard Look they deceived Trump I think an basically just led him.into entrapment by playing the agreeable allies act when they NEVER had any real intentions of truly supporting him At all .it was a con job He won so they played along but blocked him at every opportunity and in every way possible ATTACKED him like no president ever before and BLATANTLY too.They were like a bloodthirsty mob .And still they’re deceiving the world When every Ex Presude t gets paid to set up an office Misleading deceiving conniving manipulative reporting is one of their greatest assets.

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