Trump Says Feds Won’t Be Leaving Portland ‘Until There Is Safety’

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Feds Portland

Following a claim by Oregon’s govenor on Wednesday that federal agents would leave Portland and let local officials handle Black Lives Matter protesters, President Trump said they were going nowhere until things are under control.

In a tweet on Thursday morning the President said that Governor Kate Brown “isn’t doing her job” and insisted that protesters had to be cleared out and “in some cases” arrested.

If she can’t do it, the Federal Government will do it for her. We will not be leaving until there is safety!” he added.

RT reports: The tweet was posted less than a day after Brown announced she had reached an agreement with the Trump administration that would see a phased withdrawal of federal agents — who were originally deployed after demonstrators attempted to burn down a courthouse — from Portland, which has seen ongoing Black Lives Matter protests turn to rioting and violence.

In her announcement, Brown called the Homeland Security agents an “occupying force” and blamed them for bringing “violence” to the city.

It appears Brown was premature in her announcement, however, as Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf took to Twitter to clarify that until the “violent activity” in the city ends, federal authorities will remain in place. Trump now appears to have confirmed that the feds are staying put until further notice.

Wolf added that the federal government will only leave the area when they are assured that there is no threat to federal property or law enforcement officers from protesters, who have taken to the streets of Portland for two months now.

Part of the agreement to get the “occupying force” out of Brown’s state, according to a statement from Wolf, would involve having state troopers protect federal buildings from potential vandalism or destruction.

Brown did not directly mention this part of the deal in her tweets, but said local police officers would still be present in downtown Portland to “protect Oregonians’ right to free speech and keep the peace.”


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