Tucker Carlson: Media Matters Want To Destroy the West

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Tucker Carlson warns Media Matters wants to destroy the West

Tucker Carlson has warned that the far-left media watchdog Media Matters “hates Western civilization” and has been set-up to destroy America.

Media Matters – a radical pro-pedophilia “media watchdog” – has been in the news recently after they were caught orchestrating a fake Nazi scandal on X in order to pressure advertisers to flee the platform. X owner Elon Musk has since produced evidence that the far-left group faked the evidence and filed a massive lawsuit against them.

Carlson weighed in on the issue while speaking at a business conference in Las Vegas Tuesday, stating that Media Matters is fundamentally opposed to Western civilization.

“Somebody sent me a piece, there’s a group called Media Matters, which is a… you know, it’s a censorship organization, funded by Soros and a lot of other people who hate Western civilization, designed to prohibit people from saying certain things,” Carlson stated.

“Well, the things that they’re prohibiting people from saying are 100% true, and that’s why they’re prohibiting it.”

Trendingpoliticsnews.com reports: Carlson went on to discuss his lengthy career in cable news — which included stints at CNN, MSNBC and Fox News — and how legacy media outlets go about shaping public opinion.

“There’s no penalty for lying. If they had lied, if they repeated whatever dumb slogan they were told to repeat, whatever, ‘we’re in a climate crisis, diversity is our strength,’ or whatever, whatever the approved script is, if they just read it like a good little robot, they would have ascended the ladder at NBC News,” Carlson explained.

“They wouldn’t be living in their weekend house. But they didn’t. What they did was they told the truth. And that is the case everywhere.”

The full speech can be viewed here.

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