Two Injured In Shooting At Barcelona Tourist Hotspot La Rambla

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At least two people have been injured in a shootout in Barcelona’s main tourist district, La Rambla, one is said to be in a serious condition.

Police have reportedly killed one of the two gunmen.

The shooting took place outside the Hotel Silken Ramblas on Pintor Fortuny street at around 3PM on Tuesday afternoon.

The report:

Police launched a hunt for a gunman who opened fire at a hotel in Barcelona just off the city’s bustling tourist avenue of Las Ramblas on Tuesday afternoon, shooting one man in the stomach.

The shooting took place at the doors of Hotel Silken Ramblas on Calle Pintor Fortuny, breaking the glass of the window of the hotel.

The injured men, ran through the hotel and out of a fire exit at the back to escape their attacker, who eyewitnesses say was wearing a balaclava.

One man suffered only minor injuries from broken glass while the other collapsed in a nearby souvenir shop bleedding profusely from an abdominal gun wound, according to a report in Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Various reports citing police sources indicated that the Police launched a manhunt for the shooter, initially fearing that he was hiding out in a nearby supermarket, a theory that was later discounted.

The motive for shooting was not immediately known athough sources quoted in El Mundo indicated that it might have been an attempt to rob a tourist a gunpoint.

Another report in El Pais suggested it had all the markings of an organised revenge hit.

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