U.S. Petition: Arrest Netanyahu For War Crimes

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US petition calls for the arrest of the Israeli Prime Minister ahead of his scheduled UN general assembly address in New York


A US petition has been set up asking for the arrest of Benjamin Netanyahu, ahead of his UN General Assembly Address in New York later this month.

The petition states that under international law he should be arrested for war crimes upon arrival in the U.S for the massacre of over 2000 civilians in 2014

petition to have him arrested upon arrival in Britain last week, received over 110,000 signatures. The UK government issued a statement saying that the Israeli prime minister was ‘immune’ from arrest.

Netanyahu recently left London after his meetings with David Cameron, British MPs and Jewish community leaders. During his visit he was treated like an honoured guest while under the protection of  heavily armed police.

Global research reports:  His longstanding record of high crimes demands accountability. Instead he was treated like an honored guest – an appalling display of indifference to Palestinian suffering.

A US petition to arrest him began circulating – ahead of his scheduled UN General Assembly address in New York later this month. It aims for 100,000 signatures or more before his arrival – sending a message saying his genocidal crimes can’t be ignored.

Sign the petition. Take a stand for justice. Let We the People mean something. Demand Obama, Bush, Cheney and other past and current US war criminals be arrested, put in the dock, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned longterm.

Obama and Netanyahu will address the 70th annual General Assembly meeting later this month. Vladimir Putin is coming for the first time since 2005, China’s Xi Jinping for his first visit along with scores of other world leaders.

On Thursday, General Assembly members overwhelmingly approved displaying the Palestinian flag at its New York headquarter by a vote of 119 to 8 with 45 abstentions.

America, Israel, Canada, Australia and four US-controlled Pacific islands voted “no.” Germany, Britain and most other EU nations abstained. France, Italy, Spain and Sweden among others voted “yes.” So did Russia and China.

PA UN representative Riyad Mansour called it “a symbolic thing, but another step to solidify the pillars of the state of Palestine in the international arena.”

Flying the Palestinian flag at New York headquarters in New York accomplishes nothing. Occupation harshness persists. Ruthless persecution remains official Israeli policy – with full Western and rogue state regional support.

Palestinian academic Azzam Tamimi called the gesture “meaningless. What the Palestinians need from the UN is an acknowledgement of its historic role in dispossessing the Palestinians.”

Our quest is not for another failing Arab state with a meaningless flag and useless institutions, but for a homeland that was stripped from us…We need the UN to atone for its sin(ful) (1947 Partition Plan) by recognizing the legitimacy of our struggle” and holding Israel accountable for decades of high crimes.
In 2012, instead of going for easily attainable full UN membership, Abbas betrayed his people by settling for meaningless non-member status – like being a club member deprived of most rights.

Non-member states have no say over anything. They can’t vote. Full de jure status alone matters – attainable by following simple procedures Abbas avoids doing, concerned more about Israeli interests and his own than Palestine’s.

In London, Netanyahu called the solution to Israel’s conflict with Palestine “a demilitarized (defenseless, subservient) Palestinian (puppet) state that recognizes a Jewish state, the nation state of the Jewish people” exclusively.

He rejects Palestinian self-determination. He deplores peace and stability. He lied saying “(p)eace is infinitely preferable, so the notion that the people of Israel, or I, prefer conflict to peace, or that we are not ready to take the steps for peace, are absurd.”

His notion of peace is unconditional Palestinian surrender, relinquishing their fundamental rights, remaining subservient to Israeli dominance, keeping 1.8 million Gazans imprisoned by blockade.

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