UK Prime Minister Says China Is Challenging The World Order

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that China is now actively challenging the international world order which is something the UK “must take seriously”.

He said that China’s growing influence now represents a “challenge” to the world order and called for Western nations to stand up to the increasingly powerful Eastern nation.

Breitbart reports: Sunak’s statement comes amid a newly agreed deal between the UK, U.S. and Australia which will see the former two nations supply the latter with nuclear submarines in an attempt to tip the military balance in the Indo-Pacific.

According to a report by the BBC, Sunak views the deal as proving the UK’s “commitment to global security” in a world that is ever-increasingly fraught with political tensions.

Speaking in California, Sunak described the world as having become “more volatile”, adding that “threats to our security have increased” with the growth of opposition powers.

“China is a country with fundamentally different values to ours and it represents a challenge to the world order,” he said. “And that’s why it’s right that we are alert to that and take steps to protect ourselves… stand up for our values and protect our interests.”

The Prime Minister went on to say that the so-called AUKUS deal would deliver “one of the most advanced” submarines “the world has ever known” for both the Australian and British militaries, adding that the deal would provide Britons with thousands of jobs.

However, China is far less happy with the new deal, warning the Western allies on Tuesday that they are walking a dangerous road with their attempt to challenge the Communist state in the East.

“The latest joint statement from the US, UK and Australia demonstrates that the three countries, for the sake of their own geopolitical interests, completely disregard the concerns of the international communities and are walking further and further down the path of error and danger,” Beijing spokesman Wang Wenbin said.

The government official went on to add that the submarine deal ultimately represented “a typical case of Cold War mentality”, adding that the move also “constitutes a severe nuclear proliferation risk, and violates the aims and objectives of the Non-Proliferation Treaty”.


    • Listen England is HEAD of THE COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS, which is a clever way of disguising the fact that they are the greatest power on Earth

      • That can and will change. As a nation the UK has nothing left, almost zero manufacturing and imports almost everything….

  1. NAH not so fast as SVB was a joint VENTURE with SPD-china`s first technology bank and china owned 50% of SVB the largest american venture backed TECH&healthcare 50% OF ALL AMERICAN TECH&HEALTHCARE since 2012!.

  2. GLOBAL SPILLOVER as CHINA`s largest TECHNOLGY BANK SPD COLLAPSES ALONG WITH SVB joint venture since 2012.Woke is BS as china owns over half of all american TECH&HEALTHCARE and biden&his FED won`t be bailing them out on our dime/WILL THE DOLLAR COLLAPSE WILL THE STOCK MARKETS COLLAPSE?

  3. IBC will have your banks all of them for ONE$&Uwill live> at the garbage dump eating trash THANKS again slow MO JOE!

  4. World order is a high respectable meaning, not by pushing the nations into a must destroyable war, for the benefit of few destructive creatures on the earth.

  5. Manipulative. Ex pm Keating here gave an hour interview where he said bluntly that America can’t stand any other nation being equal to them. And of course that’s becausex”americaxis our barracksc” Churchill. He, Keating also said “they” wanted China to remain impoverished factory workers if the elite.
    I knew all that years, decades ago, actually but I also know war is the most profitable racket on earth and they want profits more than anything else. CERTAINLY ABSOLUTELY more than their worst nightmare, Peace.

  6. China is selling all those consumer goods worldwide, while the US and the UK shut down their factories decades ago. The UK and the USA have nothing the World wants to buy.

    • They sent their factories to China The Chinese became their cheap labour so TV hey coulf throw their own workers on the scrap heap.
      Just because they’ve exported their production to China and set up factories under new names isn’t ending their role as producers

      • When the President of China came to the US, in 1979, and was touting the conditions in China for doing business there, the wages were 1% of the United States. The Companies fell over each other rushing to move the former US production to China.

  7. Ex PM Paul Keating on you tube discussing AUKUS but covers everything almost. If you want to hear the other side check him

    Anyway what he isnt saying is two things,
    1 the role of the rule of law
    2 the fact that now Albaneses directed by American agents serving England has sent a message of Australia at war against China whilst pretending, on the surface to be china’s friend. Its a very dirty trick and makes Australia look like a dirty low life country of two faced back stabbing low life opportunistic money hungry dishonest untrustworthy deceivers.
    In a nutshell they’ve set Australia up as the meat in the sandwich thrown us under the bus.

    • And it’s the most refreshing interview you will witness, even with you tubes censorship.
      One man on this stage with the brains to speak truthfully And expose those snivelling little dogs of journalists serving the military industrialists.Absolute buch of dimwiitted or evil or stupid dogs. And he’s had a gutful of their total repugnant grovelling.

        • And I have to say it, their having their “playboy bunny”julie HARE close the questions with her pathetic 12 year old style smart aleck comment and her smug juvenile expression, so pleased with herself, thinking them all in it together cooking up their little closing question so clever, but really displaying clearly their pettiness and immaturity and lack of intellect is also terribly unfortunately typical of the perception they have that most aussies will be in support if their perspective.
          And they applaud the AUKUS deal and all bang on about it as if Australia’s redemption and salvation, in effect being taxed by Britain without any representation. That’s them.

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