UK Public Health Chief Issues Grim Warning: ‘Don’t Hug Elderly Relatives At Christmas’

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief scientific adviser has warned Britons not to hug and kiss their elderly relatives at Christmas

The health chief’s warning is a bid to protect old people from Covid-19.

Days after the PM had outlined softened restrictions over the festive period, Professor Chris Whitty said: “Would I encourage someone to hug and kiss their elderly relatives? No I would not

RT reports: He stressed that, while hugging grandparents is technically not “against the law,” it’s far from advisable amid the ongoing pandemic, as younger people may be carrying the virus and could transmit it to their more vulnerable family members.

If you’ve got an elderly relative, that would not be the thing you would want to do in a period where we’re running up to a point where, actually, we might be able to protect older people.

The chief medic’s stark warning comes shortly after UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock outlined the UK’s newly updated three-tier system of coronavirus restrictions, to guide England’s regions through the pandemic during winter.

Under the relaxed travel restrictions, Britons will now also be able to travel to any part of the UK during the festive period from December 23 to 27, and households will be allowed to mix at home, in places of worship and in some outdoor areas.

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  1. We all know they dont anyway ,unless they’re holding their breath .A grim warning from a grim reaper Bring our your dead, threepence for your dead !!

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