UN: Proven Ties Between ISIS And Israel

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A new report from the UN reveals that the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) maintained regular contact with members of ISIS since May 2013. The UN identified contact with IDF forces and ISIS soldiers. 

Addictinginfo.org reports:

In a new report from the UN, it is revealed that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were maintaining regular contact with members of the so-called Islamic State since May of 2013. Initial reports from the IDF stated that this was only for medical care for civilians, but that story fell apart when the UN observers identified direct contact between IDF forces and ISIS soldiers, including giving medical care to ISIS fighters. Observations even included the transfer of two crates from the IDF to ISIS forces, the contents of which have not been confirmed at this time. Further the UN report identified what the Syrians label a crossing point of forces between Israel and ISIS, a point of concern brought before the UN Security Council. This report from the UN strengthens the claims by the Syrian regime that Israel is heavily involved in operations within the nation.

This is part of a continuing pattern of Israeli support for the Islamic State. It was only two months ago that Israel attacked Syrian forces in opposition to ISIS forces. Israeli attacks even killed an Iranian military adviser for the Syrian military just two weeks ago. The U.S.’s financing of ISIS, part of the effort against Syrian president Assad, is well documented, as well. That the efforts to undermine the Assad regime were in turn strengthening the same terrorist group which recently set a Jordanian pilot on fire to set an example is conveniently ignored by the higher up military command.

When the United States began operations against ISIS, Israeli high command seemed reluctant to give any support and called the move a mistake. The support of ISIS fits in with Israeli concerns in the region, namely that of Syria and Iran, and U.S. opposition to ISIS has put the United States in the awkward position of once again arming the enemies we will be fighting tomorrow.

Syria and Iran both pose a threat to Israel with their sizable conventional forces and political clout in the region, in much the same way Iraq was before the elimination of Saddam Hussein. With the toppling of Saddam, pieces of concern remain, and Israel appears to still maintain the old axiom that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Supporting ISIS for Israel enables them to eliminate two issues at once, only once Syria is no longer a concern — a move which would in turn neutralize Iranian influence in the region — Israel then would turn its attention to ISIS, bolstered by other anti-ISIS forces from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States. That would take several more years, however, during which time ISIS would continue to grow in both size and power. By the time they turn their attention to ISIS, it is quite possible that ISIS would have toppled the nations which Israel is counting on for support of such an operation. Too little, too late.

Traditionally such groups as ISIS have relied upon Saudi Arabia for support, but Saudi money is conspicuously absent from ISIS coffers. Unlike groups before, ISIS has gone self-financed, relying upon prostitution, slavery and oil for its financial well-being. This, in turn, removes the protections which Saudi Arabia has relied upon for almost a century to prevent such organizations from turning on the House of Saud and potentially conquering the kingdom which is now in the sights of the Islamic State.

In turn, the ISIS forces have all but forced the Kurds to become a mighty force unto themselves, much to the anger of neighboring Turkey. Rather than helping to fight ISIS, Turkey is instead attacking the forces standing in opposition to ISIS. The entire situation has spiraled out of control.

In effect, there is no side to support here, as each side is being supported at once in opposition to the other side. By enabling the creation of ISIS, we have taken an already unstable situation and poured gasoline over it. Now we are facing a true threat, not from ISIS or Iran or Syria, but against our own arrogance. We have been blinded to the death and destruction created by our actions in the Middle East.

We once were respected throughout the region, as neutral peacebrokers, the nation which oversaw the breakup of the Barbary pirates and a country which became eternal friends with the people of Iran when all of Europe ignored them. Now we are Israel’s expected muscle, to carry out their dirty work in an effort to destabilize the region and de-power those the tiny nation views as a threat. They will support anyone, if it meets a short-term goal, even if the result is a plot more complex and ridiculous than an episode of “Passions. This can, and will cost them long-term.

The United States cannot be party to this. Whatever the political and economic cost, the U.S. must disengage from all sides in the Middle East, before it is too late.


  1. How could both Israel and Turkey, arch enemies, be supporting ISIS? Before ISIS was able to self finance its operations they were being financed by wealthy Arabs from Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey etc, why have you not mentioned that? Is it because mentioning this fact will make your whole assumption false?

    • Without addressing this instance, it should be noted that Israel and Turkey have not been enemies. Rather, they have been in the habit of conducting joint naval exercises. The attack on the Turkish protest ship off the Gaza coast inevitably obliged the Turkish government to make statements. However, it has no love for the Palestinians, or other Arabs.

    • Without addressing this particular article, it should be noted that reports about ISIS are not normally pro-Muslim or pro-Arab. The same could be said of reports about Israel. It would make sense for you to look at the articles in the Israeli press before making such sweeping accusations. Are Israelis not allowed to criticize their own government?

      • Facts are a little more elusive than that.
        The articles from December 2014, in both Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post, are far less sensational than the article here and refer to the treatment of wounded Syrians at hospitals in the Golan Heights.

        Had there been much more to the report, we would have heard about it endlessly since then.

  2. Yeah right, blame everything to Israel, you Muslims piece of shit..UN is a useless pro-Muslim organization today and your source is UN? Yeah, very credible…

    • Pro- Muslim organization! huh … when you attacked Afghanistan and Iraq then what was your sources, who passed the sanctions and who pass the bill of war ? btw it’s true that now-a-days Muslims are becoming piece of shit and there is no way to blame only on Israel(if exists) rather see their own self in a very clear mirror. There is saying by a great “know thyself” , Muslims are a way far from that.

      • “Muslims are becoming piece of shit”

        Out of a billion or more Muslims, to how many do you think this would apply?

        The American armed forces have led coalitions which have wrecked the infrastructure and economies of Iran and Afghanistan, killing large numbers of civilians without installing better governance. The de facto government of neither country had declared war.

        Does this mean that all Americans and the citizens of allied countries are pieces of shit? Or even all Christians worldwide?

        • I do not think that your question can be answered. It would be nice to believe that there is some humanity in this force (criminal hegemonic, but not religious) called Islam but all we ever hear or see is the vile wickedness of actions done in the name of Islam so who the fuck really knows if there is such a thing as a good Muslim

      • listen you pro muslim swine – blame who you fucking well please – the world already knows that you and your kind are the scum of the earth and responsible for more misery than any existant force in our history has been – go to your 72 virgins – please – right NOW – don’t make the world waste energy and ammunition on you

  3. Am re-posting this link, w/info from a lady who is standing up for Israel, on these apostate’s fbk page, “The People’s Voice tv”…she has much info that will help explain a lot of things to those who are trying to figure it out. Much has come out lately, that’s just plain down-right lies against Israel, from the UN, the US, the Pope, Greece’s new leader, for starters…all standing up for the Palestinian leader, Abbas…the Pope even calling him an “Angel of Peace”! It’s nuts and getting crazier all the time. thanks in part to the propaganda spread by these pro P.A./anti-Israeli sites/people. And they’re saying Jerusalem is not part of Israel.
    ~Ilana Stoller tries to set the facts straight..so ck out her posts/pix, rebuking the radical trolls, here: (they are saying he supports ISIS..can you imagine?) The NWO and UN..more likely, supports these terrorists, than anyone else; I mean…who furnished them with all those orange prisoners jumpsuits?

  4. Well if the UN say so it will be right ! NO. In the 1980’s Israel had the prison camp Anser locked down, the only visitors were UN (Swiss) Miraculously, a huge arsenal of weapons were smuggled in and subsequently a riot broke out with many deaths ensuing. The UN neutral, un-biased ? never.

  5. Arab , Israel and ISIS have a common enemy Shia Syria and Iran. that why they are targeting these people .

  6. Complete innuendo. So Israel treated wounded, combatants and civilians alike, who showed up in search of medical care, so what? Reminds me of Wafa Idris, a Palestinian woman the Israelis were treating for burns she received in a cooking accident, free of charge. She later tried to blow up the Jewish doctors and nurses that treated her.

    You presented no PROOF that Israel is aiding ISIS whatsoever, only speculation and unverified (or documented) reports.

  7. this coming from an organization that believes the Jews were responsible for the Holocaust and every other evil in the world lacks any credibility

  8. It was reported in 2015 Israel was purchasing 75% of their oil from I s I s held fields. The top buyer of stolen oil.
    As an intelligent “American”, from a “settler” family…… I’m sick and tired of our government lieing to us and US citizens being the fodder in Israel’s agenda.
    Anyone who can bring themselves to “investigate”; will be faced with the absolute reality what’s happened in America over the last 60 years (95% of the strategies and effects) has taken place in many other countries throughout the world. I suggest looking at the most “famous” one. The same strategies over and over again. It’s all documented, in the public realm, by their own journalists as well as others.

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