UN To Consider Spraying Chemtrails Above Earth’s Surface To Reduce Global Temperatures

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UN considers spraying 'chemtrails' above Earth to help reduce temperature

The United Nations is considering the use of spraying “surface aerosols” above the earth’s surface as a means to reduce global temperatures, according to a Reuters reports.

This week, a U.N. climate panel released a “code red” report that hysterically warned of “deadly heat waves, gargantuan hurricanes and other weather extremes” if extreme action isn’t taken quickly to stop so-called “man-made climate change.”

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), humans are solely to blame for the crisis, with U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres calling for a total ban of coal and fossil fuels.

Summit.news reports: According to a Reuters report on the issue, “controversial methods” of geoengineering are now being actively considered by the UN to limit and reverse global temperature increases.

“For example, humans could spray sulfate aerosols – tiny reflective particles – into the stratosphere 20 to 25 kilometers (12 to 16 miles) above the earth’s surface to reflect more sunlight back into space, which lowers global temperatures,” states the report.

However, using this method would create “uncertainty, moral issues (and) ethical issues” because “sulfate aerosols have the side effect of also lowering average precipitation.”

While such methods would benefit some countries by creating a cooling effect, other regions “could suffer by, for example, no longer having conditions to grow crops.”

“The side effects of any of the known geoengineering techniques can be very significant,” said physicist Paulo Artaxo. “Society has to consider if these side effects are too big to try any strategy.”

Geoengineering methods such as spraying sulfate aerosols or even parking giant spaceships above the earth to deflect sunlight have long been proposed by globalists to change the earth’s climate.

Much of the lobbying for such measures was funded by people like Bill Gates, who in 2012 joined with scientists to bankroll and publicly advocate “geoengineering methods such as spraying millions of tonnes of reflective particles of sulphur dioxide 30 miles above earth.”

Meanwhile, many of the same people warning us today about the necessity to radically alter our lifestyles to combat global warming were the same voices insisting that ‘global cooling’ was the biggest environmental threat in the 1970’s.

But apparently, we shouldn’t question a word they say.



  1. Yeah why not toxic metals in the air, in the our food, on land and in animals. Nothing to go wrong there…
    Of course they proposed this in the UN in the 70s, 90s and now today. Of course they have been doing this spraying anyway throughout the decades in various places across the world including Europe and US.
    The people running the joint are totally insane.

  2. Keep covering the ground with asphalt and wonder why temps go up. I’m no rocket scientist, but I know a parking lot covered in asphalt is way hotter than one that is cement.

  3. All the science teachers blabbed about in the 70s was the next “ice age”, like there was ever a first one anyway. Now, “global warming” hoax twatters controlled by the UN will use their newest scare hoax of “ufo” tic tacs, triangle ships, to form the new global government. They will threaten humanity with some hoax that they have reached an agreement with “aliens” to get rid of nuclear weapons and all warfare, then the big suprise, they’ll all get crushed by God Himself.

  4. There is a doctor, I think in the Azores, who recently found graphene oxide in rainwater. Now where could that have possibly come from?

    • Yes they have been for a while. Now the UN has got on board. Bill Gates, who is not a doctor, wants to spray particles into the air to cool the sun. Who voted for that? Anyone??

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