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The mainstream media are reporting that Ted Kaczynski, one of the America’s most notorious serial killers who terrorized America for twenty years, was discovered dead at 81 years old in his prison cell Saturday morning.

But the media is refusing to report that the Unabomber, a math genius who was granted a scholarship to Harvard at the age of 16, has been revealed as a CIA MK Ultra mind control subject.

Kaczynski was serving a life sentence after sending by mail a series of homemade bombs around the country. As USA Today reported, this included one that went off on an American Airlines flight, between 1978 and 1995.

USA Today also notes that Kaczynski had been transferred from a Supermax prison in Colorado to a federal prison medical facility in North Carolina in December 2021 for unspecified reasons at the time (later revealed to be poor health).

While there is plenty of detail in his obituaries about Kaczynski’s crimes, his three year experience as a MK Ultra mind control slave has been memory-holed by the mainstream media.

What many people don’t know is that before his attacks, Kaczynski was widely recognized for his incredible math genius.

As a child, Kaczynski skipped both sixth and 11th grade, and began studying as an undergraduate at Harvard when he was only 16.

He was the subject of much bullying when he was younger due to his lack of social skills, but many of his colleagues realized his mathematical intelligence unlike anything they’d ever seen.

Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski pictured as an undergraduate at Harvard before undergoing brutal MK Ultra experimentation at the hands of the CIA.

As an undergraduate, Kaczynski took part in a psychologically damaging mind control experiment performed by the CIA as part of the top-secret and illegal behavioral engineering project MKUltra.

The study was run by Harvard professor and CIA asset Dr. Henry Murray, who had each of his 22 subjects write an essay detailing their dreams and aspirations. The students were then taken to a room where electrodes were attached to monitor their vitals as they were subjected to extremely personal, stressful, and brutal critiques about the essays they had written.

Following the psychological attacks, the participants were forced to watch the videos of themselves being verbally and psychologically assaulted multiple times. Kaczynski is claimed to have had the worst physiological reaction to being interrogated.

These experiments, paired with his lack of social skills and memories of being bullied as a child, caused Kaczynski to suffer from horrible nightmares that eventually drove him to move into isolation outside Lincoln, Montana.

Did the CIA create the serial killer who terrorized America for two decades and became known around the world as the Unabomber?

In Lincoln, Kaczynski built his own cabin and began living simply, without electricity or running water. He set out to become self-sufficient and create primitive technologies by hand.

He found his work was limited by the development and industry that was destroying the environment around him. After he found his favorite spot in the wilderness destroyed by industrialization, Kaczynski had reached his breaking point.

Ted began to believe that technology was evil and so were those promoting it. Many believe Kaczynski’s participation in the Harvard study is what later influenced him to send letter bombs to multiple establishments, including airports and universities, in an attempt to get the public’s attention.

Or was he simply another example of a MK Ultra mind controlled slave, doing the bidding of the CIA?

Kaczynski became a big target for the FBI after his 18-year reign of terror over those whom he believed were promoting anti-human technology that was destroying the world. In 1995, Kaczynski demanded that newspapers publish his 50-page manifesto called Industrial Society and Its Future.

He eventually became known as the Unabomber, killing three people and causing injuries to 23 more during his 18 years of mental breakdown.

Why are the mainstream media determined to memory-hole his experience as an MK Ultra mind control slave?

The sociologist Todd Gitlin wrote in a Washington Post review of Chase’s book, “Harvard and the Unabomber: The Education of an American Terrorist,” that the “effect of Murray’s dubious, unethical experiment on Kaczynski is unknown.”

With many of the records regarding the study restricted or destroyed, and with questions about peculiar behavior in Kaczynski’s childhood, it is unclear whether the MK Ultra mind control experiment can be clearly tied to Kaczynski’s transformation into a domestic terrorist, Gitlin wrote.

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