United Nations Launch Investigation Into UK Conservative Government

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United Nations launch investigation into the Conservative party in the UK

The United Nations has launched a huge investigation into the UKs Conservative government over gross human rights violations against its own citizens. 

The investigation was launched after complaints were made about Britain’s appalling human rights record. UN investigators are set to look at the impact of austerity, mass surveillance, poverty, racism and press freedoms.

Thecanary.co reports: The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is carrying out its periodic review of the UK’s commitment to international human rights law. So it asked hundreds of campaign groups, charities and organisations to submit evidence [pdf p13]. And the complaints made by these bodies are damning.

The Tories: a damning assessment

They include include [pdf]:

  • That the UK leaving the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) would “undermine” and “erode” human rights.
  • And that it would also pose a “threat” to previous UN rulings in this area.
  • That, after the EU referendum, ethnicity-related hate crime rose 57%.
  • Overcrowding in prisons.
  • Cuts to legal aid.
  • “Very little” action on tackling human trafficking.
  • The UK government’s failure to address the “pervasive” issue of violence against women and girls.
  • Gender inequality.
  • A failure to tackle child poverty.

“Serious concerns”

Organisations also raised [pdf] concerns about:

  • The use of immigration detention centres; specifically relating to length of incarceration and the imprisonment of vulnerable people.
  • A “reluctance” by the government to adhere to UN conventions on the rights of migrant workers.
  • Treatment of whistleblower Julian Assange, which raised “serious concerns” about the government’s “commitment to the international rule of law”.
  • The government making “little progress” on dealing with discrimination; also that ethnic minorities were “over-represented” in the criminal system (i.e. ‘racial profiling’).
  • UK social care needing a “significant injection of funding” to protect older people’s human rights.
  • The fact that the government needed to take “immediate” action over air pollution.
  • Counter-terrorism and surveillance laws, and the Investigatory Powers Bill, failing to comply with human rights standards.
  • The restraint of children in custody increasing, and the fact that England was of the few countries in Europe to issue life sentences to children.

Making the rich richer

Furthermore, other complaints [pdf] included:

  • That the use of ‘secret courts’ was contrary to the UK’s supposed commitment to international treaties.
  • That there should be a judge-led inquiry into UK involvement in abuse of prisoners abroad.
  • The criminalisation of environmental protesters.
  • That the Lobbying Act was restricting the work of charities.
  • The Trade Union Act “undermining” the power of unions.
  • That, while cutting welfare, the government “had reduced the tax burden of the wealthiest earners and businesses”.
  • The use of food banks was the biggest area in which the UK had “regressed” since 2012. And that the government was failing to “eliminate” food insecurity.
  • That reforms to welfare had “seen a regression in the welfare system’s ability to tackle poverty, with a negative impact on vulnerable social groups”.

“Negative”; “regress”

The UK government was also criticised [pdf] for:

  • The “negative impact” of UK drug laws.
  • Ignoring previously “strong” recommendations from the UN, and letting child poverty increase.
  • Allowing disabled people’s human rights to “regress” because of welfare reforms.
  • Allowing “the use of hate speech by politicians and media [to create] a climate in which racism and hate speech was thought acceptable”

But the UK government either [pdf] denied or said, in essence, that work was in progress on all these criticisms. The UN will release its findings and recommendations on Tuesday 9 May.

Another day, another UN report

But we’ve been here before. As The Canary has documented, the UN twice reported on the UK government in 2016. And it found that the Tories had committed “grave” and “systematic” violations of disabled people’s human rights; while also eroding the rights of single parents, minority communities, and the poorest and most vulnerable people in society.

The Tories’ response to both those reports? To simply shrug their shoulders and say they didn’t believe them. So the response to this latest round of damning criticism will probably be much the same. But at the time of The Canary publishing this article, only Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik had reported this story.

It is now down to the public to decide if they want to live in a country where their government can commit such flagrant abuses against its citizens. And then, a decision must be made at the ballot box on 8 June.


  1. That’s a lot! So many demands and criticism. I don’t live in England, I don’t know what’s it really like, but my guess its like America..sounds like it anyway. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree type cliché.

    UNITED NATIONS…but isn’t wants happening all apart of the agenda? Their world, the one world? Depopulation???

    This just looks bad on paper, just like much of the issues they criticized England for they themselves are guilty of. Right? Pretty much! I doubt they do anything about it.
    The English made a decision to leave, now it seems almost a threat to their people if they do.

    For a global organization who wants perfection they should try it with what they can help out with instead of sitting on their thumbs while millions cry for help.

  2. So what is it now, the liberal leaning whining bunch of people that don’t get there own way or want to behave like anarchist they hide behind human rights and label everyone who disagree with there view as right wing. The list is a complete nonsense of “I WANT MY OWN WAY & stamp my feet with threats until I get my own way” the socialist anarchist that never grew up and doesnt want to face reality, the posturing bubble of let’s tear up the rules and cause discord is over. UK conservative government is setting standards and governance that the Labour government removed and gave everyone free reign to remove order and control and rules.

    • RcJ you read the contribution above and see nothing but evil,when did people become evil like this.no feeling for others,just pure selfishness.British people once knew and shared love and kindness,supp with the devil and you to can lose your sole.

    • This is breaking UKCRPD and UK is first country to be investigated under those rules. You will get sick or old sometime then I guess you be one those whingers who have paid taxes all you life to get sweet FA back. I meet ppl like you every day in a advice centre whose sense of entitlement is far worse

    • RcJ

      Can you even READ?

      “gross human rights violations against its own citizens. ”

      This isn’t liberals whinging pal.

        • RcJ, Did you attend any of the testimony sessions that were held by the UN in this country! No you didn’t, I attended both of them and gave verbal evidence and written evidence as did hundreds of other people. Much of the evidence came from written evidence from gov’t departments/ MPs/charities/disabled peoples organisations etc etc. So don’t sit there hiding behind your computer keyboard spouting on about something you know absolutely nothing about because you didn’t read about it in the “sun or daily mail”.

        • You clearly don’t live here pal. The gross acts of rights abuses against under privileged and disabled are highly visible.

        • You say it’s just whinging and “no human rights violations”?

          So are people committing suicide by the THOUSANDS because the government are treating them so well?

          Read Susan Lovell’s comment above to see the dire situations some people are forced into.

          People are being taken to breaking point – and then pushed over the edge. This is totally inhumane.

    • Finally a real European. Immigrates, ( It is not all of them. But enough to cause hell.), who cause crime as in a whole. Do want to keep on doing the crimes and get a tap on the hand.

    • What a vile bunch of dehumanized, arrogant twats on here, actually complaining that the government has been criticised for treating its own people like shit. One can only hope that one day you find yourselves in full time work and still having to use a foodbank, or trying to bathe your severely disabled adult child in an inflatable paddling pool in your living room, or cleaning up your ageing father’s soiled bedsheets three times a day in addition to working night shifts, and let’s see who’s a snowflake at that point. By the way, I assume you people all have private health insurance and carry a card saying no to any pay rises negotiated by unions as well? You can’t have your socialist cake and eat it.

      • Right back at YOU. When you have to resort to using foul vulgar obscene language to get your point across instead of communicating like a rationale adult, can I suggest it’s time to take a deep breathe and step away from the keyboard.

        • I’m not interested in bandying a debate with you, ignorant peons like you are not worth it. I am only interested in insulting you. You’re a disgusting narcissistic subspecies, incapable of empathy or compassion, who has clearly never loved anyone, obviously doesn’t have children (god help them if you do) and its deeply upsetting to think that those I love have to share the planet with scum like you. I have never insulted anyone like this on the internet before, but then I’ve never come across such a vile, selfish, objectivist arsehole as you before, and I’m actually finding this enormously satisfying.

          • Classic example of narcissistic gullible behaviour throwing insults and stamping your feet to be heard the loudest. Everyone entitled to their ‘own’ opinion but you rather hurl abuse to make your point. Grow up and seek help

          • Back at ya babe. Fake accounts a go go. As see through as your paymasters…… you know the tyrannical visionaries don’t work here?

          • When a Government abuse its own Citizens disabled or unemployed you dont laugh you dont turn your back thinking as long as its not me IDS and all those Tories responsible need to answer to the UN they are a disgrace and taken the UK back to a time we left behind in the 30’s i want an outcome i want justice for those who starved to death because of benefit sanctions i want prison sentences fines and answers for the abuse in this Country by the Conservatives !

        • done so …….. phew no wait a minute…… no you are still an imbecilic fucking cunt, after all!

    • ….disturbing – i knew a bunch of disturbed kids. Their way of getting affection was to cause a fight and when they got hit that was their way of receiving affection – radio controlled joe seems to fall into this ‘provoke-so-that-i-become-a-victim’ category. I am proud to be a liberal. yes, and i look down on those critters that cannot survive without an extensive ruleg book …. to feel safe. Don’t expect thanks for enlightening you, but you’re welcome. haha

    • RcJ are you a Tory??? Your words and hateful way you see people makes me believe you are…

    • Lets hope you dont find yourself under the scrutiny then as we all all a pay packet away from this system and the middle classes soon will be sanctioned for not working hard enough , then we will see who bleats the loudest …remember tax credits, who were snowflakes then?

    • HAHAHAH!! Geez, “English_Woman” why didn’t you just use the name “Definitely_Not_A_Sock_Puppet_,_That’s_For_Sure_!”?

    • Have you not got anything intelligent to add to the conversation? You sound a bit thick, all sound bites and no evidence to back anything up

    • Much of the UK is , unfortunately. Mostly unintentionally, but as the father of three non white kids it’s an experience I can talk to you about daily.

  3. The sooner the UK ditches the UN, together with the EU, the better.
    The UN should be looking into Africa and the Middle East for violations instead of one of the most established welfare states in the world, even giving benefits to clingons from the poor side of the EU, half of North Africa and misc Arab based, all of whom have not contributed and overload the system.
    It should come as no surprise to know that the indigenous UK residents are at the back of the queue for all services and benefits, not to mention our homeless and ex servicemen and women who also require assistance.
    If there are human rights violations it is to the indigenous population for the benefit of the unemployable and lazy individuals flooding the country.

    • Looks like they e gotten to ya. Another victim of Cambridge Anal. Yeah, I said it right.

  4. Have I read the same article as you? You pooh pooh human rights, I hope you never need your rights protected. Also can you please learn to spell, I get offended at poor spelling and grammar. There, their, do you know the difference in their meaning?

  5. the UN is just a Saudi puppet now. They are scared of losing control of the UK now that we are leaving the 4th Reich and regaining power over our own nation. The Hijrah is hindered by us restricting free movement of non UK citizens from within the 4th Reich. This delays the implementation of making the UK an Islamic state.

  6. This website is fake news / clickbait. Take a close look at the other ‘reports’ in the right margin.

  7. The racist brexiteers were always violators of the human rights chart of the United Nations.
    Their trick was to label anyone who protested as “communist” – because we had communism back then in the USSR and the cold war.
    So most people were scared to talk.
    At the same time those who were real communists were indeed communist spies-avtivists-saboteurs and naturally whatever the British racist or otherwise establishments said about them was true.

    The trick of vilification-character assassination-libel against the innocent people who happen to have other than British nationality, no longer works.
    The world has progressed. Racism is not allowed at work, in the media, in the world of sports.
    So the British racists, Theresa May and friends are set for a rough ride.

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