Urine Powered Phone Charger Can Provide 3 Hours Of Call Time

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Urine Powered Phone Charger Can Provide 3 Hours Of Call Time

A fuel cell which harnesses electricity from urine could soon offer cheap, renewable energy.

British scientists at the University of the West of England (UWE) have found a way to power mobile phones using human wee.

The team have already powered mobile phone but have developed the technology far enough to fuel power-hungry smartphones.

Just over half a litre of urine is enough for six hours of charge time, which can power a smartphone for three hours.

Handy to stay connected while off the grid….or if nature happens to call and your battery is also low.

RT reports:

The invention costs just £2 and can provide up to three hours of call time for every six hours of charging, using as little as 600ml (20 fl oz) of urine – equivalent to a single toilet visit.

Scientists claim the fuel cell, which works using microbial fuel cell stacks (MFCs), is the first of its kind in the world.

“We are excited to announce several global firsts – this development was possible by employing a new design of MFCs that allowed scaling-up without power density losses,” UWE Professor Ieropoulos said.

“Although it was demonstrated in the past that a basic mobile phone could be charged by MFCs, the present study goes beyond this to show how, simply using urine, an MFC system successfully charges a modern-day smartphone.”

Researchers say the invention will enable people to stay connected while off-grid using only their natural excess fluids.
You’ll never be caught short again – without battery life that is.

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