Big Tech Insider Says Humans Will Be Uploading Consciousness to Computers Within a Year

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Big Tech insiders say humans will be uploading consciousness into computers within a matter of months

Artificial Intelligence expert Dr. Pratik Desai, who has founded several Big Tech companies, made waves online after he declared that humanity should be able to “live forever” by the end of this year.

He explained that uploading videos of elders and loved ones will allow technology to synthesize their looks and voices after they die.

“Start regularly recording your parents, elders and loved ones,” Desai tweeted on Saturday.

“With enough transcript data, new voice synthesis and video models, there is a 100% chance that they will live with you forever after leaving physical body. This should be even possible by end of the year.” reports: Several artificial intelligence companies have already launched platforms where a person’s information can be uploaded to create an AI avatar of that individual.

The technology is similar to current “deep fake” videos that are popular online.

For example, check out this deep fake video of comedian Jerry Seinfeld being placed into the classic film “Pulp Fiction.”

This futuristic and potentially dystopian idea comes on the heels of more than 1,000 tech leaders like Elon Musk warning of the danger to humanity if we allow AI to become more powerful than its current state.

A letter signed by Musk and the others proposed an industrywide pause on AI work until safety protocols and oversight could be developed and agreed upon.

Twitter user Adonica Howard-Browne, wife of pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, accurately noted, “There’s more to consciousness than an avatar that merely looks & sounds like you.”

She added, “If you want to live forever & see your loved ones again, you and they need to become new creatures in Christ.”

Infowars and Alex Jones have been at the forefront of warning humanity the technocrat elite would soon fully embrace transhumanism.

For over a decade, elitists like top Google engineer Ray Kurzweil have publicly advocated a world where people can “cheat death” by uploading their consciousness to a computer “cloud.”

The technocrats who have been placed in positions of power around the world are using their hidden technologies as weapons to control and eventually exterminate the masses.

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