US Radar-Evading Spy Drone Warned Off By Iran

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US Radar-Evading Spy Drone Warned Off By Iran

The Iranian Army’s Air Defense Base reportedly warned off a US radar-evading spy drone which was attempting to intrude on Iranian airspace.

The US radar-evading unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) had sought to cross into Iran through the eastern border from neighboring Afghanistan,  according to the Tasnim News Agency

Press TV reports:

However, it was immediately identified and forced to leave the area after a “timely and stern” warning by the Air Defense Base.

The drone had taken off from a base in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar and had come to within 20 miles of the Iranian border.

After the identification of the drone, the monitoring and missile systems of the air defense base were put on alert.

In December 2012, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) captured a US ScanEagle drone over the Persian Gulf waters upon its intrusion into the Iranian airspace.

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