Vice Journalist Calls For Conservative Students’ Heads To Be Held Under Water ‘Until They Die’

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Liberal journalist calls for people to hold Conservative students' heads under water until they die

A Vice journalist has called for liberal students in universities across the U.S. to hold Conservative students’ heads under water “until they die.”

On Wednesday, founder of conservative student group Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk pointed out that he gets numerous messages “from students who say professors are lowering their grades & penalizing them for being conservative.”

He explained that “leftists dominating higher education represent a grave threat to our country & culture” and that conservatives shouldn’t be targeted on campuses just because others disagree with them: reports: Then, Jesse Farrar, who describes himself on his website as a “Vice Sports Fantasy Guy” and “Deadspin’s Beer Idiot” replied and went to the extreme, saying “they should hold the conservative students heads under water until they stop breathing, instead.”

Kirk then followed up the tweet saying he “seems to call for the death of conservative students via water boarding suffocation.” He even gave Farrar a chance to backtrack and say it was a joke:

When pressed on whether he was being serious, he replied, “I am not joking.”:

Kirk, shocked that Farrar did not take him up on the opportunity to clear up his previous comments, tweeted that he stands corrected and that Farrar “actually wants conservative students to be killed via water boarding suffocation and wasn’t joking”:

Farrar didn’t stop there, however. He began replying to others in the thread, even saying he is “already on the fbi list” as a “Female Body Inspector”:

Farrar is the author of two books available on Amazon titled, “The Complete Public Tax Returns of Donald J. Trump: Everything We Know About Our President’s Staggering and Sprawling Wealth” and “Ask the Old Football Coach: Brilliantly Brainless Advice from the Ghosts of Gridiron Past.”

According to Amazon, “Jesse Farrar has written for Vice Sports, Sports Illustrated, Vice, Deadspin, Munchies, The Daily Dot, The Billfold, and more. His videos, among them ‘This Week in Jokes’ and ‘The Scumbag Tech Video Podcast,’ have earned nearly one million views on Youtube.”

Independent Journal Review spoke with Kirk, and he provided us with the following statement: “I legitimately thought he was joking, but I guess he wasn’t. If a conservative said that about liberal students there would be an angry mob demanding we resign and leave our current positions.”

Farrar has articles published on both Vice and Deadspin.

A Deadspin editor provided the following statement to IJR:

While Farrar no longer writes regularly for Deadspin, we as an organization do support his stance of trolling white supremacist-supported and -associated organizations like Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA. And while I would not personally advocate the method mentioned in Farrar’s obvious joke Tweet you seem to be using to try to snitch on him to his employers, I can’t argue that it wouldn’t make the world a better place.

Vice and Farrar did not get back to IJR for comment.

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