Video: 6 Foot Alligator Found Lurking Behind City Welcome Sign

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In most places in America, animal control is called for raccoons, wild deer, or dead animals in the middle of the roads – not for alligators.  That is, unless, you live or are visiting Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana, home of New Orleans. In that case, you may have to call animal control if a deadly prehistoric lizard-like creature is found hiding behind your city’s “Welcome” sign.

That is exactly what happened when resident of Slidell, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans, discovered a massive 6 foot alligator lurking behind their city’s “Welcome to Slidell” visitor sign.

According to

Sunday morning, Slidell police received reports that a gator was out for a stroll on Gause Boulevard. Upon arrival, officers found the 6-foot reptile near the City of Slidell sign, where it was hiding out, hoping to escape detection.

Officers called out animal-control experts, including Deputy Howard McCrea of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office. After a brief struggle, the gator was captured and given a ride back to the swamp.

The Slidell Police Department had some fun with the encounter.


“Warrants may be issued at a later date for jaywalking and resisting an officer,” the department posted on its Facebook timeline.

If you saw the alligator, what would you have done?



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