VIDEO: Arctic Research Team Is Being Held Captive By Polar Bear Family

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polar bear

A research team comprised of meteorologists that have been performing Arctic research in a remote location in Russia are being held captive by a polar bear family.

According to GeoBeats News:

Meteorologists performing Arctic research at a remote Russian location are currently being held captive by a group of polar bears.

At least 5 of the creatures have begun hanging out around the weather station.

They are described as being hungry and aggressive.

The workers are poorly equipped to handle the situation and have asked the Russian government for assistance.

At this time, the only means the crew has of scaring off the bears are flare guns, rubber bullets, and basic tools.

None have proven useful.

Said one of the researchers, “Yesterday one of the bears came near the house. Our mechanic fired a small rocket that is used by hunters to signal but the bear did not even seem scared.” The team has been trapped inside the weather station and are unable to go outside to take daily readings.

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