Video: Dramatic Footage Of Russia’s First Airstrikes In Syria

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Russian airstrikes in Syria against ISIS

Russia launched its first airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday. Moscow said that at least eight targets were hit, with a coordination center in the mountains having been totally destroyed.

Scroll down to see the dramatic footage that was captured. reports:

As we reported earlier this morning, at the “request” (whatever that means in the context of Russian politics) of Vladimir Putin, Russian lawmakers have approved airstrikes in Syria and unlike the rather deliberate pace of Washington’s efforts to rout ISIS, Moscow doesn’t appear to be wasting any time.

As CNN reports, Russia has conducted its first strikes near Homs after effectively warning the US to stay out of the sky.

Russia has conducted its first airstrike in Syria, near the city of Homs, a senior U.S. official told CNN on Wednesday.

The Russians told the United States that it should not fly U.S. warplanes in Syria, but gave no geographical information about where Russia planned to strike. The senior official said U.S. missions are continuing as normal.
Yes, the “US missions are continuing as normal”, which means no one is doing much of anything and some CIA-trained proxy fighters are being pick-up-truck-jacked somewhere by al-Qaeda.

In any event, here are the visuals which purport to show Russia’s first strikes on anti-regime targets:

And a few still shots:




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