Video: How the Illuminati Gained Control of the Earth’s Land

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How the Illuminati Gained Control of the Earth’s Land – THIS is a true Whistleblower!

From the video description box:

Mr. Hunt here has a very eye opening story to tell. You see, he has taken detailed notes of his experiences with one worlder, secret society type groups. Instead of giving in the coercion, this man realized the mangnitude of the danger facing all people of the Earth against a very wealthy few. This short, but mind blowing presentation particularly covers the perversion of the Environmental Movement. Basically, he tells how these few elite plan to herd us all into controlled living areas and rule us through a structured system of group think collective socialism, where the educational system is completely controlled to keep everyone dumbed down so you won’t question government.

In other words, this documentary would not be welcome as part of the planned teaching cirricculum. SO WATCH IT.. And learn what you could never learn about on ANY television channel, notably owned by those same one worlder secret societies. The craziest part is, this presentation is from 1992!!

You should be very interested to know how the Earth’s land is being (or has been for 20+ years) divided up amongst the elite. Land ownership is an illusion.

Here is an excerp from the intro by Mr. Hunt-

“I have attended some of the meeting and caucuses leading to the UNCED Earth Summit. I am a business consultant and a college teacher in small business management. I own an environment company, too, and am very familiar with the environment hypocrisy – that the world order crowd has taken over the environment movement. I am aware of their plans…”

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